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Little legs in big shoes representing Credit card balance conversion into installments
Citi FlexiBill

Citi Credit Card ‘Balance Conversion’ Installment Program has been renamed as ‘Citi FlexiBill’.

Big credit card amounts paid your way

Ease your mind
Ease your mind

Convert your credit card bill into affordable monthly installments

Get in control
Get in control

Flexible tenures ranging from 6 to 48 months

Simple and hassle-free
Simple and hassle-free

No paperwork, avail instantly via Citibank Online

Convert your bill into monthly instalments

How much would you like to convert?

Rs. 2,500
Rs. 2,500
Rs. 6,50,000
Available repayment plans
Est. Rs. 439 /month for 6 months
Est. Rs. 230 /month for 12 months
Est. Rs. 125 /month for 24 months
Est. Rs. 91 /month for 36 months
Est. Rs. 74 /month for 48 months
This is an illustrative example. The monthly repayment amount may differ based on the interest rate communicated to you while availing the offer.

How others are using Citi FlexiBill

Children going to school after their expenses have been paid using credit card EMI


Back-to-school expenses can easily add up. Sakshi starts her daughter off on the right foot with Citi FlexiBill.

Travel: Pay travel bills with Citi Flexibill


A road trip has always been on Sneha’s bucket list. With Citi’s FlexiBill, she made it happen.

Festival Celebration: Spend & pay in EMIs on special occasions

Special Occasions

Festive cheer comes with a lot of spends. Rahul uses Citi FlexiBill to spread season’s bill over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Citi FlexiBill facility?

    Citi FlexiBill is a facility offered to eligible Credit Cardholders to convert their card outstanding into easy monthly installments. Eligible customers, with card outstanding greater than ₹ 2500, can convert their entire last statement balance minus minimum amount due of last statement balances into flexible EMIs. Any existing EMIs or loan on credit card will not be included with this facility. It can be conveniently availed through Citibank Online.

    Click here to check your eligibility and book.

  • What is the interest rate for this feature?

    The interest rate is card member specific and will be as communicated to you at the point of availing the Citi FlexiBill facility. You can log in to Citibank Online to check the applicable interest rate on your Citi FlexiBill offer.

    Click here to check your eligibility and book.

  • Are there any other charges for booking Citi FlexiBill?

    Yes, a one-time transaction fee of 2.5% of the loan amount or ₹ 300, whichever is higher, will be charged for the Citi FlexiBill facility. Also, Goods and Services Tax (GST) as notified by the Government of India, is applicable on the interest component of the EMI, all fees and other charges and is subject to change as per relevant regulations of the Government of India.

  • Can I pre-close my loan?

    There is no lock in period and the loan may be pre-closed at any point of time. Any pre-closure of Citi FlexiBill facility shall attract prepayment charges at the rate of 3% on the unpaid principal together with relevant taxes. You can pre-close your EMI facility by calling 24-Hour CitiPhone.

Important Notice :

Citi Credit Card ‘Balance Conversion’ Installment Program has been renamed as ‘Citi FlexiBill’ Program.

Terms & Conditions :

Terms and Conditions for Citi FlexiBill.