Deposit. Save. Enjoy. With Home Credit.
Deposit. Save. Enjoy. With Home Credit.

Citibank offers you the unique home credit loan that combines the benefits of a regular term loan with the transactional features of a current account. This facility also helps you to save on interest and to repay your loan faster.


Home Credit account is a current account linked to your loan. All amounts deposited in the Home Credit account in excess of the threshold amount* and subject to a maximum of your outstanding loan is transferred on a daily basis to your loan account to offset the interest being charged on your loan. This amount is always available for withdrawal by you as an overdraft line.

Citibank Home Credit

  • Use the Home Credit account to deposit your excess savings, annual bonus rather than keeping them idle or making partial prepayments. You will have the flexibility to withdraw the idle/surplus money deposited in Home Credit account at any point of time.
  • Just deposit these funds into your Home Credit account and enjoy interest saves on your home loan to the extent deposited*.
  • Since interest is calculated on daily outstanding balance, every rupee kept in the Home Credit account each day, goes towards reducing your interest.
  • The Home Credit account can be used like a normal current account and you will be provided with a cheque book and an ATM Card. You will also have access to our online banking portal and our entire gamut of banking facilities such as:
    • Transact.
    • Transfer Funds across your Citibank and Non Citibank Account.
    • Order for Demand Drafts.
    • Pay Utility Bills.
    • Pay your Citibank Credit Card Bills.

Citibank offers you 2 options in Home Credit loans that you can choose depending on your needs:

  • Home Credit Vanilla Option
  • Home Credit Fast Track Option
Vanilla Option

Home Credit Vanilla option gives you the option of maintaining liquidity. An overdraft line is set on the Home Credit account and interest savings arising out of the Home Credit facility go towards increasing this line, which is always available for withdrawal by you.

Graph Depicts Interest Savings in EMI component, which is returned back to you on monthly basis.

Fast Track Option

Home Credit Fast Track gives you the option of repaying your home loan faster. Interest saves are adjusted towards reducing your loan outstanding, which effectively reduce the tenure of your loan and help you close your home loan faster.

Interest Savings in EMI component is adjusted against the loan outstanding on a permanent basis, thereby reducing your loan tenure.

Citibank Home Credit
Features Home Credit Vanilla option Home Credit Fast Track option
Product Benefit You maintain Liquidity. Allows you to repay your loan faster.
Who should opt? Self-employed customers who have funds lying idle from time to time and would want the option of liquidity. Salaried customers who want to better utilise their monthly savings to ensure their loan gets paid off faster.
Interest Saves You can withdraw interest savings arising out of Home Credit. The overdraft line is increased appropriately. Interest savings are adjusted towards reducing loan outstanding.
Overdraft Line Amount (Amount that you can withdraw) Net amount deposited by you plus the interest savings arising out of Home Credit. Net amount deposited by you.

At present, there are no minimum balance requirements on the current account. The same is subject to change and you will be intimated of the change, if any, from time to time.

Please note that only balances in excess of Rs. 1,00,000 (Threshold amount) subject to maximum of loan outstanding will be considered for offsetting interest on your Home Loan.

Yes, the Equated Monthly Installment (EMIs) have to be paid without fail.

Of course, you can. Your Home Credit account will enjoy all features of a regular Citibank current account and you shall enjoy all benefits of being a Citibank customer.

Home Credit Loans are priced 0.50% over and above a normal home loan. For Property Power Home Credit loans, an annual fee of 1.00% is payable on the loan outstanding.

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*Terms and conditions apply. All loans are at the sole discretion of Citibank N.A. Citibank reserves the right to ask for any additional documents from the applicant. Citibank reserves the right, at anytime, with prior notice to add / alter / modify / change or vary any of the Terms and conditions or to replace them, wholly or in part. Click here for Most Important Terms and conditions. Please refer to our Schedule of Charges.

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