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Global Expertise To Maximise Your Business Potential.

Business account to maximise your business potential

Today's Micro & Small Enterprises are the corporates of the future. CitiBusiness acts as your partner to help support and grow your business to take it to the next level, delivering cost effective solutions across borders with a flexibility that is unmatched by our competitors

CitiBusiness Account

Top reasons for banking with CitiBusiness

  • Superior cash management solutions for payments and receivables
  • New and powerful features with enhanced security on Citibank Online, Asia's Best Internet Bank*
  • Import & Export finance at competitive LIBOR denominated rates
  • Dedicated Citibank treasury that offers customized hedging solutions to manage your currency risk
  • State-of-the-art image based processing system to ensure shorter turnaround time
Exclusive Features

Commercial Bank with its global expertise and experience are now at your disposal. A dedicated Relationship Manager to guide you on all your Investment decisions including foreign exchange, transaction requests and trade services. Avail world-class transactional convenience like pay orders, demand drafts and payable-at-par cheques.

Your Account comes with these benefits

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Dedicated Citi Relationship Manager: Highly trained and certified, dedicated Citi Relationship Manager will ensure that we always fully understand the customer's short-term needs, long-term goals and current business priorities.

Support of Service Relationship Managers: To take care of day-to-day transaction banking needs.

Commercial Bank Counselors: Assistance by qualified business specialists and portfolio counselors who will advice on all issues related to banking and finance and guide in transaction related to Forex, Trades & Lending.

Anywhere, Anytime Account Access

  • National Banking.
  • Electronic Channel Access.
  • Account Representative Services.
  • CitiCard Banking Center.

Citibank Online Internet Banking

  • Dual signatory accounts can transact on CBOL.
  • Maker - Checker module ensures all signatories are required to approve a transaction - safety for customers.

Online Direct Tax Payment

  • Pay your Direct Taxes online using your Commercial Bank Account.

Global Presence

  • Customer can deal in more than 102 countries.
  • No correspondent bank, hence lesser charges.
  • No need for confirming LCs as Citibank has tie-up internationally.
  • Outward & Inward remittances anywhere in the world, instantly.

If you need to deal in foreign currency, transfer funds to India, make payments etc., Citibank has a range of products and services that you can choose from to transact smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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With Commercial Bank, you enjoy the benefits of large corporate, by having access to a wide range of trade services. These trade services are designed to assist your business in seizing newer business opportunities across the globe through our multinational presence in more than 100 countries. Over the last few years we have been consistently working on providing value added services on all aspects and products within trade, from exports to imports, from international guarantees to letters of credit, from local guarantees to domestic bills and integration of trade & foreign exchange services. We serve a wide range of customers across varying industries, segments and regions.

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A successful business like yours, needs to manage its cash flows effectively. However with payments flowing in from anywhere across the country - ensuring faster remittances and reconciling them can be a mammoth and daunting task!

Now with Citibank's Cash Management Services, you can focus on your business priorities while we manage your collections. This comprehensive solution expedites all of your sale collections across many locations of the country making it easier for you to receive payments faster and cheaper matched with the ease of transaction.

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