Convert your credit card purchases
into EMIs

Now also available on Citi Mobile

Convert your credit card purchases into EMIs Now available on Citi Mobile Banking

All the big things you always wanted to buy can be bought in small, instant installments on your Card now. Convert your purchases above Rs.2,500 into manageable EMIs with a call, the click of your mouse or even on-the-go using Citi Mobile. Tailor your flexible repayment schedule to what you are comfortable with. Plus, you save on the higher interest and service charges on credit cards by opting for the smaller interest rates on your EMIs. Choose to PayLite. The right time to save money is always now.

Top reasons to sign-up for PayLite Program

  • Small-sized interest rates to repay at your own pace
  • Easy on-the-go conversions, using Citi Mobile
  • No paperwork, no "process" delays

Convert high value purchases on your Card into easy EMIs.

Login to Citibank Online / Citi Mobile using your Citibank User ID and IPIN and check your eligibility. If eligible you can book your Loan instantly with no documentation.

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