NRI Credit Card Payments

As per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines*, if you are an NR bank account holder, you can only make payments to your NR credit card using your NRE/NRO account. And as per our Card member T&Cs, customers holding a bank account in Non-Resident Status, have to mandatorily link their NR account to their Credit Card account for card payments.

If your existing bank account with Citi is maintained in Non-Resident (NR) Status, the resident status for your Citi Credit Card will also get updated as Non-Resident. As a next step, you are required to link your two accounts, i.e. – link your Citi Credit Card account to your Citi NR bank account.

This is because any payment made towards your credit card will only be accepted if it’s made from your linked Citi Non-Resident bank account(s). The bank’s systems will reject any payment which is from a source other than your linked Citi NRI Account.

*Reserve Bank of India circular DBOD. AML.BC. No.109/14.01.001/2011-12 dated June 08, 2012.

#Reserve Bank of India circular Ref: RBI/2015-16/390 A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 67 dated May 05, 2016 on Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) Regulations, 2016.