Payments and Transfers


NRI Repatriation

Repatriation refers to the transfer of Indian Rupees from your Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Rupee Checking Account or NRO Deposit either in foreign currency to your overseas account or FCNR Deposit, or in Indian Rupees to your Non-Resident External (NRE) Rupee Checking Account.

Repatriation of funds from NRO Accounts is currently limited to US$ 1 MM (or equivalent) per financial year in India (April 1 – March 31) per Account Holder on the Account, subject to documentation requirements. This limit will apply to all NRO Accounts with Citibank India (Rupee Checking Account & Deposits) as well as all with other financial institutions in India, is an aggregate amount across all categories of repatriation and excludes current income.

We will require the following documents for repatriation:

  • Repatriation Application Form
  • Guidance to fill Repatriation Form
  • FEMA Declaration (this form is also referred to as A2 Form)
  • Guidance to fill A2 Form
  • One Original copy of Form 15 CB (this form is to be provided by your Chartered Accountant)
  • One Original copy of Form 15 CA

    Click here for the list of BSR codes.

    Please Note: You will need to complete this form online through the Indian Income Tax Authorities website (, print and sign. The information in the Form 15 CA and 15 CB needs to be consistent and hence we recommend that you complete this Form after your Chartered Accountant has completed Form 15 CB)

  • Signed photocopy of your PAN Card
  • Copy of your Income Tax Returns filed in India (the returns must cover the period for which funds were earned in India).
  • Depending on the source of funds in your account, we will also require additional documents. Please select source of income (Category and Sub-Category) below to learn more about the documents required.


Sub Category

Please Note: We accept documents only in English. If the documents are in any other language, please provide a notarised translated copy in English along with the vernacular language document. If you repatriation covers multiple categories, we recommend that you provide the relevant documents for each category separately to ensure timely review of the documents provided.

The Reserve Bank of India requires all banks to complete due diligence and check for accuracy and genuineness of the documents provided for repatriation. To ensure that we comply with this requirement, we may be constrained to seek clarifications or ask for additional documentation. Depending on the type of repatriation request and the time it takes to review the documents provided, repatriation request may take anywhere between 10 days to 4 weeks for the transfer to be executed once we receive the complete set of documents. Citibank reserves the right to reject your repatriation request if you are unable to provide the documents required by Citibank to complete our due diligence as per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Exchange Management Act.