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Total Wealth Access tool to guide RMs to plan investments for you.


Total Wealth Access

Developed in-house, Total Wealth Access (TWA), is an intuitive, interactive RM guided tool that helps you & your RMs to plan, transact, monitor and manage all your investments in one place. It provides a real-time picture of your financial portfolio and analyses how the portfolio value changes over time. It provides current asset-wise portfolio allocations, compares it with the Citi India Model Portfolio and also calculates the Citigold Diversification Index (CDI).

CRISIL Tracker to track all your investments


Citi Wealth Tracker

The Citi Wealth Tracker is a portfolio tracking tool that generate comprehensive reports for all your investments. It ensures that your Investment holdings are in line with your current financial goals and needs.

RMs using Citigold Diversification Index (CDI) to provide you your investment insights


Citigold Diversification Index (CDI)

Created in house, the Citigold Diversification Index (CDI) aims to provide you with greater insights into the diversification level of your investments. Diversification may achieve potentially higher returns with lower risk by spreading your wealth across various investment products as opposed to holding a single investment over a medium to long time period. A well-diversified investment portfolio is better equipped to navigate market volatility over time. A higher index indicates a higher level of diversification in your portfolio. Knowing your portfolio diversification level allows you to make more informed decisions towards achieving your financial goals.

Invest across the globe


Invest across the globe

Leverage Citigold's global presence and get access to expertise around the globe. Take advantage of the Liberalized Remittance scheme of USD 250,000 per individual, per annum, and invest in products across the globe.

Expand your investment horizon globally


Expand your investment horizon

With our global research and insights keeping you abreast of the latest market developments and access to major capital markets, a world of opportunities is within your reach. Together with advice from our team of experts, building your wealth abroad is now more familiar than foreign.

Market insights at your fingertips


Market insights at your fingertips

Stay updated on key Local and global market developments with a wealth of curated, relevant and timely insights on current market developments that matter, comprehensive market outlook reports, in-depth thematic articles.

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