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Bank The Way You Live.

Citi Tablet App

See your finances come to life, right on your tab. Make your banking more dynamic and engaging than ever before with the Citi Tablet App

Tablet Banking

Top reasons to use Tablet Banking

  • View your Citibank Account in graphical format & plan your finances better
  • All transactions just at the swipe of your thumb!
  • Secure & convenient banking transactions, from almost anywhere
Benefits & Features

Accounts - Stay up-to-date with your Citibank Account!

Your account information is now in your hands at all times. And our graphical representation just makes it easier for you to manage your accounts better!

  • View your account balances with just a tap - be it your Salary Saving Account, your Deposits, Credit Card details!
  • Keep a track of all your recent transactions - in the past week, past month, or in the time frame of your choice.
  • Graphical representation of all your Cash inflows and outflows.

The Citi Tablet App is loaded with features to help you plan your finances better. The improved graphics and enhanced display features, especially to suit your Tablet, take your banking experience to an all new level!

Transfers - Enjoy Fund Transfer without lifting a finger!

We are serious! You can now transfer funds using the Citi Tablet App with just a lift of your thumb.

So sit back with your tab and the rest will be taken care of by our convenient design that lets you do all your transactions with a lift of your thumb.

Enjoy the freedom to choose your preferred way to transfer funds

  • To another Citibank Account - today, tomorrow, or on a date you prefer!
  • To another Bank Account using NEFT.

You can also transfer funds instantly, 24x7, even on holidays using IMPS

  • Using Bank Account & IFSC.
  • Using Mobile number and MMID.

Your fund transfer process is simple, convenient and secure with the Citi Tablet App

Bill Pay - No queues, no hassles - Pay your bills with just a few taps!

Why wait in queues when you can pay your bills anytime you want - Whether you are at home, at work, or even on a vacation - and do away with the worries of due dates and late charges!

Avail of this convenience across 30 locations and for over 200 billers including Electricity, Insurance, Mobile Phones, Telephones, Taxes, Donations, Subscriptions, etc.

  • Pay your Credit Card Bills.
  • View and Pay your regular utility bills.
  • One-time payment of your utility bills.

With the new streamlined flow on the Citi Tablet App, paying your bills is a lot more faster so that you can use your precious time to do what you like!

Mobile / DTH Recharge: Recharge your Mobile / DTH connection, when you need it the most.

Out of balance? Recharge your Mobile / Broadband, DTH, Toll Accounts & Data Card instantly when you need it the most and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity!

With your Citi Tablet App, recharging is no longer a chore! With the streamlined flow and intuitive designing, you can instantly recharge your connections, from anywhere.

Locate Us: Reach us faster. Locate your nearest ATM & Branches.

Need to locate Citibank branches in an unknown city? Want to know how far the closest ATM is? With your Citi Tablet App, we are just a few swipes away!

Reach us faster using the location feature on your Citi Tablet App!

  • Location based Search.
  • 'Near me' search.
  • One-time payment of your utility bills.

You can search Citibank branches and ATMs based on their location. The detailed 'near me' location feature directs you from your existing location to the nearest ATM / Branch through a detailed map!

With the Citi Tablet App, your bank was never far. With the location feature, we bring it still closer to you so that we can serve you faster!

Citi Dining Privileges: Pamper yourself with Citi Dining Privileges!

Occasions for dining out are numerous - catching up with friends, quaint time with your loved ones, an outing with colleagues - and Citibank offers you a bouquet of dining privileges to make these outings special! And all of these, in your hands, on your Tab.

Check out over 2,000 Dining Privileges that Citibank has on offer using the Citi Tablet App - find the ones that best suit you, read up on them in detail, locate them on the map and reach out to them!

The Citi Tablet App helps you choose the best way you would want to pamper yourself using the Citi Dining Privileges!

Apply for Products: Know our products better. Apply for Citibank products.

Want to know more about a Citibank Credit Card? Are you in need of a Personal Loan? Need more information on Citibank Accounts?

With the Citi Tablet App, you can know us better and help us serve you in more ways! Choose from an array of our Banking offering, explore products in detail, read more and apply for products.

Getting Started

Whether you are on the go – or on your couch, enjoy hassle-free banking from anywhere. Download the Citi Tablet App.

Citibank® for iPad – IN: Download from AppStore.

Citibank® for Tablet – IN: Download from Google Play Store.


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Citi Tablet App is a dynamic and convenient banking channel, offering banking solutions on your Tablet with features like Fund Transfers, Bill Payments, etc.

Citi Tablet App is a Tablet Banking solution that allows you to access your account using a Tablet device, to view account related information, Transfer Funds, pay bills and much more. Citi Tablet App can be downloaded as an application onto your Tab. You can then login using your User ID and existing IPIN. Hence, this is different from the existing SMS based mobile services like CitiAlert and CitiAlert on Demand.

You cannot register new payees on your Citi Tablet App. However once you register your new payees on Citibank Online, you are all set to make payments to them through Citi Tablet App.

Any transaction request placed on your Citi Tablet App will take the identical amount of time as it would on Citibank Online.

The products that you are looking for may not be linked to the account you have logged in from. Please link your accounts to the Banking/Credit Card account to access them on Citi Tablet App.

Currently Citi Tablet App allows you to do certain transactions only for Suvidha/Banking, Credit Card members only.

You can simply reconnect to Citi Tablet App and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed.

Yes, as long as you have GPRS activated on your mobile number, subject to availability of the network, you can access Citi Tablet App anywhere in the country. Please keep in mind that you might be charged special roaming rates for using GPRS.

The portfolio of services offered on Citi Tablet App remains identical across all handsets. However, the appearance may differ slightly based on the Tablet device and its display interface.

The Citi Tablet App shows you your account details in a glance with the graphical representation. It shows you the details of your balance, credits and debits into your account and also the activities in your account in the last 30 days, be it your Banking Account or Cards.

Citi Tablet App offers you the same unparalleled level of security as Citibank Online. Your information is 128-bit SSL encrypted. Only you can access your account, by using your User ID and your confidential IPIN. We are committed to keeping your information absolutely confidential and safe.

No information is stored on your Tablet device or SIM card memory. So in case of a lost/stolen handset, no account information will be compromised.

If you lose your phone, please call CitiPhone immediately and register your complaint so we can block usage of your IPIN. However, please note that when your IPIN is blocked, you will also not be able to login to Citibank Online. We recommend that you request for a new IPIN to use both Citibank Online and Citi Tablet App.

Similar to Citibank Online, all Card numbers or sensitive information is masked so as to ensure security against shoulder surfing or leak of any information through direct observation techniques.

Yes, do not reveal your User ID, or your IPIN to anyone. Do not store any of these details on your Tablet device.

Citi Tablet App allows you to explore the bouquet of products on offer by Citibank and browse through their features in detail. You can also apply for Citibank products using the Citi Tablet App.

Citi Tablet App gives you detailed information on how to contact us through E-mail, phone call or
physical mail.

  • Use Citibank Easy Bill Pay Pay your Insurance, DTH & Mobile Bills.
  • Free ATM cash withdrawals, worldwide.^ Rethink Banking.


In case you want to know more about Citi Tablet App, you can call 24x7 CitiPhone.

GPRS / 3G services may be chargeable by your service provider. Please enquire before making any changes to your plan. Changing to a different plan may not necessarily ensure proper working / download of Citi Tablet App.

Click here to view Citi Tablet App Terms and Conditions.

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You can also download the App directly on your iPad / Tablet by accessing App Store or Google Play Store.