Introducing instant Paytm wallet recharge with Citi

Introducing instant Paytm wallet recharge with Citi

What's new

Now, you can recharge your existing Paytm wallet instantly using your Citi credit or debit card through Citi Mobile App and Citibank Online.

What's more! You can load any number of Paytm wallets, including wallets of your family and friends. Simply register the Paytm wallets on your Citibank online once and enjoy a seamless payment experience.

Top Reasons to use Paytm wallet recharge

  • Easy and convenient wallet recharge experience
  • Recharge on–the–go and instantly with Citi Mobile App
  • Multiple payments options – use credit card(s) or debit card(s) by selecting from a simple drop down
  • Easy wallet loading option for you and your family member's Paytm wallet registered with us

Follow these 3 simple steps:

3 simple steps

Once you register your Paytm wallet for the first time, any subsequent recharges will not require any OTP or card details. Just select the payment method – credit or debit card(s), and confirm the transaction.

  1. Single recharge transaction – minimum: INR 1,000; maximum: INR 5,000.
  2. Transaction limit per card (credit/debit) for fund transfer to Paytm wallet(s):
    • Daily: INR 10,000
    • Monthly: INR 1,00,000
  3. All limits shall be applicable to the card(s), not wallet(s). E.g. you may use a credit card to do a recharge of Rs. 5,000 to your wallet and a debit card for another recharge of Rs. 5,000 on the same wallet on the same day.

Note: Transaction also subject to any other limit that Paytm may prescribe from time-to-time.

*Terms and conditions apply