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  • Unlock Control

    with the new Citi Mobile App.

    Lock or unlock your cards

    Set channel-wise spend limits

    Update travel plans for international transactions*

    Redeem reward points*

    *These features are currently available only for credit cards.

Unlock Control
with the new Citi Mobile App.

Only on the Citi Mobile App

Lock or unlock your cards

Set channel-wise spend limits

Update travel plans for international transactions*

Redeem reward points*

*These features are currently available only for credit cards.

Exciting benefits on the feature-packed Citi Mobile app

Open an investment account instantly

Invest on-the-go in Mutual Funds and Deposits

Apply for cards, loans and insurance anytime, anywhere

Explore exciting offers on Travel, Dining, Shopping and more

Other benefits of Citi Mobile

Funds Transfer Bill Pay & Recharge Investments Hello Convert Credit Card spends to EMIs
Funds Transfer Hello
Login with Touch ID / Face IDLogin with Touch ID / Face ID

Enjoy the ease of logging in using touch or face recognition.

Please click here to see T&Cs.

Funds TransferFunds Transfer
  • Transfer funds up to INR 1 lakh instantly via UPI without the need for any Account number or IFSC.
  • Enjoy enhanced transaction limits of INR 10 lakh per day via mobile.
Add payeeAdd a payee
  • Add a new payee from your Citi Mobile with a simple & secure process
  • Transfer funds immediately to your newly added payee

Invest your money in a host of mutual fund options in a convenient & secure way.


Connects Citigold clients with their RM & SRM instantly through in-app chat, audio & video calls.

*Available to select Citigold customers.

Convert Credit Card spends to EMIs Convert Credit Card spends to EMIs

Convert Credit Card spends to EMIs

Convert your Credit Card outstanding into easy EMIs.

Enjoy the convenience of paying smaller amounts per month.

How to navigate

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Frequently asked questions

  • Download & Install
    • Which customers can use Citi Mobile?

      All Citibank domestic customers (banking account/credit card/mortgages/Personal loans etc.) can use Citi Mobile app. All you need to have is

      • A smartphone with internet connection.
      • An active user ID & IPIN (Internet Password) which you use on Citibank Online. In case you do not have one, with "Self-Select" you can now instantly create your USER ID & IPIN (Internet Password).
      • Your mobile number registered with Citibank.
    • Where is Citi Mobile App available?

      Citi Mobile app is available on Android & iOS platforms. You can download Citi Mobile App by following any one of these steps:

      • SMS "MBANK" to 52484 or +91 9880752484 and we will send you a download link.
      • Simply visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store & download "Citi Mobile IN".
    • I don’t have an iPhone or Android. Can I still access Citi Mobile?

      Even if you do not have IPhone or android based phones, you can still access key Citi mobile functionalities via mobile website by visiting "" on your mobile phone browser. You can transfer funds, pay bills, recharge wallet and much more.

  • Login/Usage
    • How do I login to Citi Mobile?

      You can login into Citi Mobile using your Internet banking User ID & Internet password (IPIN). In case you do not have a User ID/ IPIN, you can also setup the same directly on Citi mobile app by clicking on the ‘New user’ icon on the Citi Mobile home screen.

    • What if I forget my User Id or Internet Password (IPIN)?

      In case, you forgot your User Id or internet password (IPIN), you can generate it again instantly, please click here if you want to reset your User ID & click here if you want to reset your password. You can also generate new User Id or internet password (IPIN) via Citi Mobile App, by clicking on the corresponding "Forget User ID or Password" link on Citi Mobile home screen.

    • Will I be charged for using Citi Mobile?

      No, you are not charged for using Citi Mobile App. However, standard data charges may be applicable.

    • How do I logout of Citi Mobile?

      You can easily log out by clicking “sign off” on the top left menu button on Citi mobile. As you log out a successful logout message will be displayed on the screen to indicate the same.

      Additionally, as a security measure, in case you do not logout manually from the app, you will be automatically logged out of Citi Mobile within 2minutes of inactivity.

    • If I don’t use the service for a period of time, will my Citi Mobile App be deactivated by the Bank?

      No, Citi Mobile will never be de-activated for a user, however there are some security related checks present if you do not login for a long time:

      • In case you do not login to Citi mobile or Citibank online for 180 days, your IPIN is locked for security reasons. You can reset your IPIN via desktop/mobile to continue to login again.
      • Further, for enhanced security on Citi Mobile app, if you do not login to Citi Mobile for 30 days, an OTP validation will be required when you subsequently login to Citi Mobile.
  • Safety & Security
    • How secure is Citi Mobile?

      Citi Mobile offers you an unparalleled level of security:

      • All your information is 128-bit SSL encrypted.
      • Only you can access your account, by using your Citibank User Id and your confidential IPIN.
      • All card and account numbers or other sensitive information is masked on Citi Mobile.
      • If IPIN (Internet Password) is entered incorrectly for six consecutive times, Citi Mobile will block the usage of your IPIN for security.
      • As an enhanced security measure, a one-time OTP authentication will be done on your first login to Citi Mobile app. This validation is done to avoid any unauthorized login from other mobile devices. Additionally, in case we detect a login with your user ID on a new device, you will also receive SMS/Email intimation.
        You will also receive alerts in case of login attempt from a device which is Jail broken/rooted state. For more information on Citibank online security features, please click here.
    • Do I have to enter OTP every time for logging to Citi mobile app?

      No, you will only have to validate with an OTP on your first time login. Subsequently you will only require your User ID & IPIN to login. Additionally, for enhanced security Citi Mobile may also ask for an OTP validation in the following cases:

      • Change in IPIN/ User ID.
      • If you don’t login on Citi Mobile app for 30 days.
      • Change in device configurations (SIM/Network etc.)

      However, OTP validation may be required for performing transactions on the Citi Mobile App.

    • What if I change my mobile phone device?

      You will have to download the app again on the new device to use it. However, as an enhanced security, you will have to authenticate yourself with OTP on first time login on the new device.

    • What if I get disconnected or my mobile phone switches off while performing a transaction?

      You can simply reconnect to Citi Mobile and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed.

    • Is any of my account information stored on my mobile phone? What do I do if I lose my phone?

      No account information is stored on your mobile phone. So, in case of a lost/stolen handset, no account information will be compromised.

      However, for the sake of security, we recommend you to reset your IPIN in case of lost/stolen device. Your can do this by visiting Citibank website & click on " Forgot IPIN" to rest the Internet Password (IPIN).

    • Why is account information on Citi Mobile masked?

      Similar to Citibank Online, all card numbers and sensitive information is masked so as to ensure security against shoulder surfing or leak of any information through direct observation techniques.

  • Features on Citi Mobile App
    • What can I do on Citi Mobile App?

      Citi Mobile App provides you with the following important key banking features:

      • View account details & transaction history for both Suvidha / Banking & Credit Cards.
      • Transfer funds (linked Citi A/C or another Citi A/C, NEFT & IMPS).
      • Add new payees for funds transfer.
      • Book & manage deposits accounts and invest in mutual funds.
      • Fund your registered paytm wallets, pay bills and recharge mobile/DTH.
      • Convert Credit Card transactions into EMI.
      • Apply for loan on your credit card depending on your eligibility.
      • Check your current, savings & credit cards balance through Citi Mobile Snapshot.
      • Receive important information on Citi products & services via Citi Mobile ® notifications.
      • Connect with your Relationship Manager & Team of experts using Hello (exclusive for select Citigold/CPC customers).
    • What is the transaction limit on fund transfer on Citi mobile?

      Citi Mobile meets all your high value transaction needs of funds transfer, bill payment, etc. with a daily limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

      However, an overall daily limit of Rs. 2 Lakhs for IMPS transactions would be applicable across all platforms.

    • How can I view my account statements on mobile?

      You can view your account and credit card statement by clicking on the respective account from the dashboard. You can also apply quick filters to search for transactions / statement for a specific period.

    • What all types of investment transactions can I do on Citi Mobile?
      • You can buy, sell, and redeem Mutual Fund investments.
      • Start SIP to have a disciplined approach to savings.

      You need to have an active investment account with Citi to start investing in mutual funds. Click here to know more.

      (Note - You will be able to start a Systematic Investment Plan in a fund house in which you already possess holdings and / or execute only incremental transactions to a fund house on Citi Mobile.)

    • Where can I transfer funds to, from the Citi Mobile App?

      Citi Mobile App allows you to transfer funds, to your linked Citibank accounts, other Citibank accounts or other bank accounts via NEFT/IMPS. You can also recharge your registered PayTm wallets via Citi Mobile app.

    • Can I make payments to new payees?

      Yes, you can instantly register new payees & transfer funds to Citi or other bank A/C from Citi Mobile.

      You just need to enter the new payee details on Citi Mobile app and validate with an OTP sent to your registered mobile number. For security reasons, the transfer limit will be restricted to a maximum of INR 30,000 to a new payee within first 24 hours of registration.

    • Will I be able to access current payees registered through Citibank Online on Citi mobile App?

      Yes, you can access your current payees through the New Citi mobile App as well.

    • What is the Snapshot feature on Citi Mobile?

      Citi Mobile ® Snapshot allows you to check the important summary of your current account, savings accounts and credit card without having to login to Citi Mobile.

    • What are Citi Mobile ® notifications?

      Citi Mobile ® notifications enable you to receive important information about Citi products & services as well as relevant offers and deals via in-app notifications. To activate the notifications, you need to login to Citi Mobile and switch on your notification settings from the settings option. You can also deactivate the notifications by switching it off from the notification setting on the settings option.

    • What is HELLO?

      HELLO is a revolutionary digital platform, offered exclusively* to Citigold and Citigold Private Client customers. HELLO offers the flexibility to connect with your Relationship Manager & Team of experts using Citi Mobile App via chat, call and video call. It also offers document sharing capability and real time transaction facility within the secure environment of the existing Citi Mobile App.

      * Available to select CG/CPC customers

    • What is Loan on Cards facility?

      With this feature, eligible customers can apply for instant loan on their credit card via the Citi Mobile App and get the loan amount instantly disbursed to their Citi/ other bank account.

    • Can I apply for any other product from the Citi Mobile App?

      Yes, you can apply also for several other products on the Citi Mobile App. Just visit the ‘Apply for Citibank products’ from the pre login menu to view the host of products available and apply for respective product.

  • DO’s & Don’ts
    • Do’s
      • Please keep your user ID and IPIN confidential in all cases.
      • Use a strong password (IPIN) to secure the Citi Mobile App.
      • Change your IPIN regularly to keep your account safe.
      • It is recommended that you password protect your phone.
      • In case of lost /stolen mobile, we recommend you to reset your IPIN via the Self-Select link.
    • Don’ts
      • Don’t use open/unsecure Wi-Fi to connect to the Citi Mobile App.
      • Don’t share your User ID & IPIN with anyone.
      • Don’t store confidential information such as User ID, IPIN or any other critical information on the phone itself.
      • Don’t share your OTP with anyone.
    • In case you want to know more about Citi Mobile App, you can call 24/7 CitiPhone.
Download Citi Mobile App