Citibank Stock Power (Loan Against Securities).

Citibank Stock Power - Loan against Securities

Citibank provides you money through an account against the security of your financial assets like shares, bonds and Mutual Funds.

Loan against Securities like shares, fixed deposit, mutual funds

Citibank Stock Power

Top reasons to get Citibank Stock Power

  • Own your securities even after you pledge them to Citibank
  • Get up to 70% market value of securities as limit
  • Interest levied only on a daily reducing balance

Citibank stock power is the key to unlock the power of your investments. You can avail an overdraft against your investments in select equity shares and Mutual Funds.

It is a comprehensive solution that helps you with your day-to-day banking and at the same time gives you instant liquidity. So, whenever you need money, you can use your securities* to get the required funds.

Citibank offers the most competitive interest rates for the Stock Power accounts. Interest is levied on a daily reducing balance.

Upto Rs.20 lakhs against Equity Shares, Equity Mutual Funds, FMPs, PSU Bonds, T-Bills and Upto 25 Crores for 100% Debt Mutual Funds.

You continue to be the rightful owner of all these securities. They are only pledged in favour of Citibank, therefore you are entitled to all the benefits (e.g., dividend, bonus, rights, etc.) that accrue on these securities.

When you open a Stock Power account with us, you also get a one-glance statement, personalized payable-at-par cheque book, free ATM / Debit Card, free access to the 24-hours CitiPhone and Citibank Online Internet Banking.

Avail an overdraft limit by pledging securities in favour of Citibank. Pledge equity shares by submitting the pledge hypothecation form. For Mutual Funds, a letter, in a standard format, addressed to the fund house is required. The format may be availed from any Citibank branch or download here.

Interest is calculated on a daily reducing balance in your account. Pay only for the money you have used. For example, if the interest rate applicable is 15% p.a., the interest payable would be approx. Rs.41.41 per Lakh per day. If your account has credit balance, no interest will be levied.

*Conditions apply. All loans at the sole discretion of Citibank. Securities as approved by the Bank from time to time.

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  • Up to Rs.1,000 worth of benefits upon Activation. Welcome Rewards.