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Home loan repayment calculator lets you to understand how paying off the outstanding loan amounts with a single payment can reduce the interest and help you close the home loan sooner.


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FAQs - Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Home loan repayment schedule, also known as an Amortization Schedule, is information offered to a borrower about each EMI payment with the corresponding breakdown of principal and interest components of the loan.

Citibank executes the repayment instructions on the 1st working day of every month.

EMIs that have been cleared can be found in your Bank Statement, or in your most recent Loan Account Statement. You can login to Citibank Online through to check your Loan Account Statement.

Yes, if the situation demands. For example, if you discontinue banking with your present bank and move to another bank, you will have to issue new EMI instructions. Also, in case if there is any change in your EMI due to a revision of interest rate, the bank might request you to submit fresh instructions.