Loan Against Fixed Deposits

Loan Against Fixed Deposits.

A Customer applying for a Loan Against Fixed Deposit with Citibank India

Loan against Fixed Deposits is a facility offered by Citibank to domestic customers against their Rupee Deposits held with Citibank. For your liquidity requirements avail 90% of the value of the time deposits held, without breaking the deposit. This facility can also be availed against deposits held by the members of your household. An ideal way to maintain liquidity while optimising the returns of your invested funds.

Customer wondering about the benefits of loan against Fixed Deposits.

Top reasons to get Loan Against Fixed Deposits

  • It is fast and convenient

  • Small mark up charged over the interest your deposit earns

  • Interest charged on usage only

  • Easy, convenient and hassle free documentation.
  • An economic source of finance, without disturbing your future planning.
  • Competitive interest rate, charged only on usage.
  • Available against deposits held by members of the same household.
  • Enjoy a Citibank International ATM, Cheque book and a 24x7 access to your account.
  • Limit of up to 90% of deposit value, subject to a minimum of Rs.1 Lakh.
  • Resident Individuals > 21 years.
  • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership firms.
  • Private Limited Companies.
  • Closely held Public Limited Companies.
  • Stock Brokers.
  • Fill out the enclosed application forms.
  • Contact your relationship manager.
  • Complete and share the requisite documentation to avail of the facility.

Terms and conditions apply. All Loans are at the sole discretion of Citibank.

Important Information

Application Form for Individuals

Application Form for Non - Individuals

Product Agreement

Please refer to our Schedule of Charges.


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