Are you selecting Mutual Fund schemes on the basis of recommendation from your friends and other ‘experts’?

Are low commissions and low fees the only deciding factor when you invest in Mutual Funds?

Are you investing without first assessing your risk appetite?

Are past high returns the only reason why you select certain Mutual Funds?

Congratulations! It looks like you are investing the right way. But Citi can help you manage your wealth better!

It looks like you are doing the right things the wrong way! Citi can help you do the right things the right way!

Risk Profiling

Help you understand how much risk you are willing to take


Shortlist of mutual funds basis your risk profile

Citi Wealth Insights

Citi’s market views at your finger tips

Curated Mutual Funds

Handpicked mutual funds by experts

The upgraded Citi Mobile App offers all the features to start investing.

Basics on investments and details on how to invest

Portfolio summary and Portfolio details

Shortlisted mutual funds basis your risk profile

Access to Citi’s views on the markets

Learn how to invest on your Citi mobile app by watching the video below.

*Investments Disclaimer: Citibank, N.A. provides investment services as a distributor of third party investment products (shortly referred to as 'investment products'). Citibank, N.A. does NOT provide investment advisory services in any manner or form. To read the complete disclaimer, please click here