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Life Insurance Plans - Protect what matters most

Personal goals evolve as we go through life.That's why Citi and Tata AIA have entered into a corporate agency relationship to offer smarter, hassle-free financial solutions in one conversation, so you can grow and protect what truly matters.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Citibank brings to you a wide range of Life Insurance plans which combine investments and Insurance, offering complete coverage for you and your loved ones.

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Tata AIA Wealth Maxima

Tata AIA Wealth Maxima

A Unit Linked Whole of Life Insurance plan that allows you to tap into force multipliers of the market to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones. It makes your money grow over a period of time to ensure greater protection and wealth creation.

Tata AIA MahaLife Gold Plus

Tata AIA MahaLife Gold Plus

A whole of life insurance plan upto age 85 years that lets you afford a better tomorrow through regular income and leave behind a lump sum for the next generation of your family. It not only provides protection to your family but also helps meet your retirement and legacy needs.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Gold Income Plan

Tata AIA Life Insurance Gold Income Plan

This is a non-participating non-linked endowment assurance plan. A limited pay income plan that meets tomorrow's requirements along with protecting your loved ones and dreams as it ensures you of guaranteed returns for the money invested. This plan not only offers Guaranteed Lump Sum benefit on Maturity but also gives Guaranteed Income during the income term that increases every year.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha

Tata AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha

Sampoorna Raksha is a "Pure protection" life insurance term plan that provides financial protection to your family at an affordable price.


All through your life, several significant events such as childbirth, children's education and wedding, buying a new car or a new home, retiring from work will occur at various stages and demand your financial commitment. If you plan in advance for these events, you will quite naturally be prepared when they occur.

Life Insurance is an effective tool that assists you to plan for your future such that you are financially equipped to meet all your goals. Taking a Life Insurance policy aids you through all these life stages:

  • Young Professional

    If you're single, you probably don't have a need for Life Insurance. However, there are several reasons why you may actually need it. Most likely, someone depends on you financially - such as an aging parent or sibling.

    Also, you are most likely carrying some form of debt that you wouldn't want to pass on to family members who may survive you. You might also want to consider purchasing Life Insurance when you are single especially if you anticipate a need for it later in life.

  • Just Married

    This new lease of life gives hope to new beginnings such as buying a home, planning a family or maybe even changing careers. Now Life Insurance is more important because someone else is financially tied to you. First, calculate the amount of coverage you need to replace future lost income and cover any large debts. Then, decide what type of Insurance to buy.

    If both you and your partner earn incomes, each of you may be financially dependent on the other's income to maintain the same standard of living. If this is the case, you should both have Life Insurance coverage to help the other continue to live the lifestyle you've worked so hard to achieve together.

  • Married with kids

    You have a need and an obligation to protect your family, and provide for them even if you are not there physically. For mothers, most Life Insurance companies won't issue you a policy until after you deliver. Bringing a child into the world is such an exciting, yet unsettling time. Thinking about obtaining coverage before you start your family is one less thing you'll have to worry about.

    Whether your child is a newborn, or you have a toddler running around, you need to ensure your potential future earning power will be there even if you're not. Life Insurance will provide money directly to your family, which can help them keep up with their existing lifestyle, pay for the kid's education, and pay off debt and other related items.

  • Wealth Capitalist & Closing Retirement

    With your retirement glowing closer, you would be looking to put your feet up and finally rest. You may not need as much Life Insurance as before, but it remains critical if you're married and still working.

    But, that doesn't mean Life Insurance can help to fill in this gap in your financial plan and allow your spouse to keep up with the lifestyle you've worked so hard to provide.

  • Post Retirement

    You've finally made it! You've done all you could do to shore up your wealth, maintain your lifestyle and take charge of the situation. This is the time to think about how to preserve your wealth for your heirs or beneficiaries, how to leave a legacy. Life Insurance plays an important role during this time.

    You may need minimal or no Life Insurance at this stage -perhaps just enough to cover any debts you have and to be certain your spouse will be financially okay. With large amounts, In fact, the proceeds of a Life Insurance policy are payable immediately, and can help take care of existing taxes and other debts.


UIN for TATA AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha - 110N129V02

UIN for TATA AIA Life Insurance Sampoorna Raksha+ - 110N130V02

UIN for TATA AIA Life Insurance Gold Income Plan - 110N131V01

UIN for TATA AIA Life Insurance Freedom Plan - 110N124V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Wealth Maxima - 110L114V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Wealth Pro - 110L111V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Maxima - 110L113V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Pro - 110L112V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Gold Plus - 110N110V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Money Maxima - 110N109V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Magic - 110N108V01

UIN for Tata AIA Life Insurance Secure 7 - 110N107V01

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Non-life Insurance Policies:

Policies are underwritten by New India Assurance Company Limited (IRDAI Registration No. 190) CIN: U99999MH1919GOI000526 with its registered office at No.87, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001 or by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited (IRDAI Registration No. 102) CIN:U67200TN2000PLC045611 with its registered office at No. 21, Patullos Road,
Chennai 600 002.

Specialist Health Insurance Policies: These policies are underwritten by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Limited
(IRDAI Registration No. 131) CIN: U66030AP2006PLC051760 with its registered office at Apollo Hospitals Complex, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 33.

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