This mortgage payment calculator helps you to find out how you can fast track the payment of your mortgage loan with our Home Credit option, resulting in reduced mortgage tenure and save on mortgage interest rate.

Citibank Home Credit - Fast Track

Fast Track, gives you the unique ability to save interest and fast-track the tenure of your mortgage loan, closing it much earlier.

Just answer these few questions on our mortgage loan calculator and see how your loan could fast track in front of your eyes:

  • What is the loan amount you want to borrow? *

  • What is the rate of interest at which you are borrowing?

    % p.a.
  • What is the tenure for the loan amount you are borrowing?


In an ordinary loan, your monthly EMI comes to INR.Rs.55 over 2 months.

Home Credit: Imagine having surplus funds and not knowing what to do with them!

Now, with Citibank Home Credit - Fast Track, you can deposit your surplus funds into the linked Home Credit account and get interest saves on your home loan or loan against property. This saved interest amount reduces the principal outstanding of your loan on a permanent basis, thus effectively shrinking the tenure of your loan and closing it much faster.

What's more, this money can be withdrawn whenever you want.

Go ahead, see how you can fast-track your loan with our mortgage loan calculator.

Do you have any Idle funds available with you at the time of taking the loan? If yes, how much?


You can deposit these Idle funds into the Home Credit account to get interest saves. This money can be withdrawn by you whenever you want.

What is your average monthly saving that can be deposited into the Home Credit account?


Money deposited into the Home Credit account, offsets your loan outstanding amount, thereby reducing your monthly interest. The interest you save here is far more than what you would earn in a traditional savings account.

Do you receive any annual bonus/ matured investments? If yes, how much. If no, please enter "0".


Similarly, these annual lump sums can help you reduce the tenure of your loan.

Do you receive any annual bonus/ matured investments? If yes, how much. If no, please enter "0".

  • 0%
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

Most people expect a yearly increment in income, and hence, savings. By increasing your monthly deposits into the Home Credit account, year on year, you can close your loan much faster.

Watch your loan fast-track

Based on your answers, this is how the Home Credit - Fast Track loan compares with an ordinary loan*

1 Years

By depositing your surplus funds and savings into the Home Credit account, you can reduce the tenure of your loan by 0 years 2 months

90 %
90 %

Since your Home Credit - Fast Track loan closes faster, your effective interest rate on the loan in 7.92%


You can reduce the total interest you pay over the tenure of your loan by Rs. 10

  • Normal
  • Fast Track
Ordinary Loan Fast Track
Loan Amount (Rs.) 22 22
Interest Rate (% p.a ) 22 22.5
EMI (Rs.) 0 0

Your ordinary loan will take 5 years to close.

However, by opting for Citibank Home Credit - Fast Track, you can now reduce the tenure of your loan. What's more, your effective rate of interest will also be lower, as your loan closes much faster.

*The mortgage calculator assumes a premium of 0.50% for the Home Credit - Fast Track loan, over the rate of interest of your ordinary loan. Hence, in case you do not deposit any funds, your effective rate of interest will be higher. For the sake of simplicity, the mortgage calculator assumes that you will not earn any interest on your savings if you don't deposit them in the Home Credit account. The mortgage calculator assumes that money will be deposited into the Home Credit account every month. All calculations are done assuming this money will remain deposited and will not be withdrawn. The figures here are indicative and are best-effort basis. The figures might vary in case of delayed EMI payments, change in interest rates, or partial prepayments.

Using our Citi Home Credit Mortgage payment calculator, you can check how the Home Credit facility can help you fast track your loan repayment and reduce mortgage interest costs.

Enter a few simple details like loan amount, rate of interest, tenure of mortgage loan, your surplus funds and other sources of income in the mortgage calculator and know indicative savings you can enjoy on your mortgage payment.

The Home Credit facility helps you reduce your mortgage tenure or helps you save on your effective mortgage loan interest payments. To know more how Home Credit works, please click here

Every month, when you make your monthly mortgage loan payment, a portion of the amount is adjusted towards your principal amount and the rest is adjusted against interest.

As the principal amount goes down over the loan period, the monthly interest reduces and a higher portion of the EMI gets adjusted towards principal.

Home Credit offers a more effective solution by helping you to save interest and fast-track the tenure of your Mortgage Loan by parking surplus funds in your home credit account. To know about this unique facility available with your Mortgage Loan click here

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