A home you can call your own.

Now possible with Citi Home Loans with interest rates starting at 7.20%*p.a.

*T&Cs apply.

Citibank Home Loans

Congratulations on finding your dream home!

Choose from one of our home loan options and allow us to make your dream a reality. Our home loans, with their extensive features, host of benefits and competitive interest rates, have been specially designed to suit your home finance needs. With the Citibank Home Credit option, you can also avail the benefits of interest savings available for withdrawal, or faster repayment, towards your home loan.

Learn about how Citibank home loans can provide the financing you desire and when you're ready, apply for a housing loan.

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Home Loan

Home Loan

Congratulations on finding your dream home! Citibank Home Loan with its extensive features and competitive interest rates will help you in making your dream home a reality.*

  • Attractive Interest Rates.
  • Easy Home Loan up to Rs. 10 crore.
  • Flexible repayment tenure up to 25 years.
  • Home Loans up to 80% of the property value.
  • Flexibility to pay interest only during construction period.
  • Interest calculated on daily reducing balance.
  • No co-borrowers/guarantors required.
  • CitiPhone platform to answer all your queries.
  • Online access to your Home Loan account.
  • Purchase of under construction property.
  • Purchase of Ready Property.
Home Credit Advantage

Citibank offers you to power pack your loan through the unique Home Credit option which lets you decide what interest you pay on your loan.

Home Credit loans operate through Home Credit Account which is a current account linked to your loan. All amounts deposited in the Home Credit account in excess of the threshold amount and subject to a maximum of your outstanding loan is transferred on a daily basis to your loan account to offset the interest being charged on your loan. This amount is always available for withdrawal by you as an overdraft line.

Citibank offers you 2 options in Home Credit loans that you can choose depending on your needs:

Home Credit Vanilla option gives you the option of maintaining liquidity. An overdraft line is set on the Home Credit account and interest savings arising out of the Home Credit facility go towards increasing this line, which is always available for withdrawal by you.

Home Credit Fast Track gives you the option of repaying your home loan faster. Interest saves are adjusted towards reducing your loan outstanding, which effectively reduce the tenure of your loan and help you close your home loan faster.

Click here to know more about Home Credit facility.

Click here to see how you can save interest and reduce tenure using Home Credit Fast Track.


Loan Amount

You can apply for a Citibank Home Loan via:

Home Loans are available from Rs5 Lakh to Rs10 Crore.

Citibank Home Loans have maximum repayment tenure of up to 25 years. The actual tenure of your loan is subject to the bank's discretion.

Based on the valuation of your property, you can avail a Home Loan of up to 80% of your property value.

You should be at least 21 years of age and have work experience of at least 2 years to avail a Home Loan from Citibank.

Yes, based on your income and capacity to repay, we can give you an in principle approval for a Home Loan. Based on the approved loan amount, you can easily identify the property you need to buy. However, the property should meet Citibank Credit parameters for obtaining a final sanction.

Yes, once you have completed repayments on your existing loan for more than 6 months, we offer you an additional top-up loan on your existing Home Loan. The final sanction of such loan is at the discretion of Citibank.


EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installments. This installment includes both the Principal and Interest Components. Citibank Home Loans are repaid through EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments) over the period of the loan. The table below shows indicative EMIs for different periods for a loan of Rs1 lakh and interest rate of 8%.

Click here to find out the EMI on your loan.

Loan Tenure (in Years) EMI Per Lakh (in Rupees)
5 2,028
7 1,559
10 1,213
15 956
20 836
25 772

Citibank offers you a host of repayment options for your loan EMI. You can pay your EMI through: SI (Standing Instruction) on your Citibank account or through NACH (National Automated Clearing House).

Yes, you are allowed to prepay your loan. You can also choose to make partial prepayments on your home loan. Please refer to the Terms and conditions mentioned in the loan agreement to know more about the applicable charges on prepayments and loan foreclosure.

Home Credit

Yes, you can! You can opt for Citibank Home Credit to further reduce the interest cost on your Home Loan. To know more, click here.

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*Terms and conditions apply. All loans are at the sole discretion of Citibank N.A. Citibank reserves the right to ask for any additional documents from the applicant. Citibank reserves the right, at anytime, with prior notice to add / alter / modify / change or vary any of the Terms and conditions or to replace them, wholly or in part. Click here for Most Important Terms and conditions. Please refer to our Schedule of Charges.

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