Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator

Discover your Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) for your housing loan with our Home Loan EMI Calculator. Get the interest rates of the home loan based on different tenures by entering your loan details below:


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These amounts are indicative only. Please get in touch with us for exact details.

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This is an Indicative Amount only and does not consider changes in interest rates during the tenure of the loan. Interest Rate applied on the loan will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of Loan Booking.

Results generated by the calculator are indicative in nature. The Calculator is not intended to provide its user with results that are either certified by the Bank or are an obligation, assurance, warranty, undertaking or commitment of the Bank, under any circumstances. The Calculator is only a tool that assists the user arrive at results of various illustrative scenarios generated from data input by the user. The Bank is not responsible for any reason, for any errors in any outcome resulting from the use of calculator. The use of the calculator is entirely at the risks of the user. Results from the use of the calculator are not intended to be a substitute for financial statements and certificates and/or professional advice.

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