Your Voice is your identity

What is Voice Biometrics?

Voice biometrics is a technology used to match personal voice pattern and verify the speaker's identity using just voice. In essence, it listens to a human's voice and determines who that person is. To identify a person, voice biometrics technology captures a person's voice and compares the captured voice characteristics to the characteristics of a previously created voice pattern. If the two match, then the voice biometrics software will confirm that the person speaking is the same as the person registered against the voice pattern.

Unlock a new banking experience with your voice.

Voice Biometrics - a convenient and secure voice identification system.

Recognises your unique voice for a smoother CitiPhone Banking experience.


Resolve your banking needs quickly without the need for PINs or answering verification questions.


Better security – no one has your voice, for your voice print is uniquely yours.

With Voice Biometrics at CitiPhone Banking, banking just got easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could someone gain access to my voice pattern and hack into my account?

A voice biometrics is a numerical representation of the sound, pattern, and rhythm of an individual's voice. Voice biometrics or Voice pattern is as unique to an individual as a palm or fingerprint. Voice biometrics technology is the ability to match an individual's voice pattern and to use the extracted voice pattern to verify the speaker's identity by comparing the voice to the voice pattern. The voice pattern which is a numerical representation cannot be emulated from the file and cannot be reused in any form.

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What if someone has the same voice as me?

No two voices are the same; even identical twins have different voice patterns. Over 70 body parts are involved in creating speech. Each human voice and extracted voice pattern is therefore unique.

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How will I benefit from voice biometrics once I have enrolled for the same?

Numerous verification questions answered while speaking to CitiPhone officers will be eliminated for defined transactions/queries once you have enrolled for voice biometrics.

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What if I have a cold which affects how I sound?

There may be conditions that may affect the authentication of your voice, though with a slight cold, your voice could still be authenticated. Should the authentication process be affected by a change in your voice, the standard verification questions will be asked to safe guard your confidentiality.

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How much do I have to pay for voice biometrics?

This service is provided at no charge to enhance your CitiPhone experience.

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How can I request for this service? Will I be automatically enrolled?

Your consent to collect, store and use your voice pattern is required prior to enrolment. All you would have to do is call our CitiPhone help line no. and request for voice biometrics enrolment.

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Where is voice biometrics made available in Citibank?

Voice biometrics is only available when customers speak to our CitiPhone officers and is not available at branches or Citibank Online.

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Can I be authenticated immediately via voice biometrics enrolment?

You will be able to use this service after 4 hours upon successful enrolment.

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