Pramit Jhaveri

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

India’s Growth Prospects

For some time now, we have had a strong view that India is in the cross-hairs of global capital flows. There are a variety of reasons for that as has been eloquently and passionately articulated by our Prime Minister in Davos. This is manifested in significant increases in FDI to India at a time when world FDI is shrinking and this is evidenced by massive FPI flows from multiple sources.

With an unrivalled network and footprint of 98 countries and an over 115 year presence in India, Citi is uniquely positioned to act as a bridge between India and the rest of the world and to work closely with global multinationals and institutions alike. At the same time, we deploy our global network for large and mid-sized businesses, households and institutions. It is a two-way ambassadorial responsibility that we are privileged to have, which gives rise to a very exciting opportunity.

I recently spoke with The Times of India about the factors leading to our growth in India, the business prospects that were presenting themselves and how talent was supporting global innovation. When you put together low-credit penetration, the presence of Aadhaar, digitisation as an enabler and overlay all those with GST, there is an extraordinary opportunity. To read more about this and other related topics in The Times of India, please click here.