Citibank PayLite Program. Easy Does It.

To the many benefits you enjoy as a Citibank Credit Cardmember, now add another – no strained family budgets. Participate in our PayLite program and watch your regular Card payments shrink-fit to suit your budget. Browse and learn about all the many ways you can make big payments light on your wallet. Decide to PayLite from now. It's an easy option to avoid a cramped lifestyle.

  • No applications. No approval. Just easy payment plans.

    You can avoid paying interest or paying upfront for purchases on your Card. Simply convert bill amounts above Rs.2,500 into smaller Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) with even smaller interest. Choose to PayLite. The right time to save money is always now.

Can I Apply

Can I Apply

If you hold a valid Citibank Credit Card, you can.

However, please note that while applying for one or all PayLite solutions is a Cardmember's prerogative, it does not automatically qualify him/her to receive any.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Call out 24x7 CitiPhone helpline with any questions or clarification you need in order to make an informed decision. The numbers are mentioned at the back of your Citibank Credit Card for easy access.


The examples given above for every product are indicative and for illustrative purpose only.

Issuance of loan or any other facility under the PayLite program is at the sole discretion of Citibank and is subject to Citibank's credit processing criteria.