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Protecting our customers and providing a secure online banking experience is a top priority at Citibank. To ensure you have complete peace of mind on your transactions with sensitive information, we bring you tips and easy steps to practice secure online banking.
Points to keep in mind as you use Citibank Online Services.
Always type or to visit our site. Don't enter your IPIN on any other site.
Keep your IPIN confidential. Ensure that no one is watching you when you enter your IPIN to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Do not share your IPIN with anyone, including Citi staff.
Citibank will never send emails that ask you to enter your account or card information, personal details or your password or IPIN.
Beware of phishing scams. Don't click on any links on email or provide any information on a bogus website.
Do not use a shared computer or device that cannot be trusted for online banking for e.g. an Internet Cafe computer.
Ensure that your computer is free from any electronic, mechanical, data failure, spyware, malware, viruses or bugs. Keep your Antivirus, Firewall and other software up to date.
Spyware may maliciously gain access to your passwords, IPIN and all Personal identifiable data. Some malicious websites, emails may infect your computer with spyware that is not readily visible to you. Be careful on how you use your computer. If you have installed any software that claims to speed up your internet connection, or have additional third-party toolbars on your browsers, you may be using malware that may be able to spy on you. We recommend that you use software you trust.
Do not leave your computer unattended while you are still engaged in an online banking session.
If you receive an OAC (Online Authorization Code) or an alert about changes to your account that you did not request, please contact us 'URGENTLY'. It may be an indication that someone is trying to access your account maliciously.
If you believe that your Card number and/or ATM/Credit Card IPIN may have been lost or stolen or if you notice suspicious transactions on your account, notify Citibank immediately by calling 24/7 CitiPhone or the nearest Citibank Branch.
Read and follow Citibank's recommended online security tips to ensure safe online banking experience. Visit for the latest online banking tips.
We constantly update our security technology to ensure secure transactions at Citibank Online and it is imperative that you take necessary steps to safeguard yourself as well. Do update your mobile number by logging into your account online. It will help us inform you at the earliest in case your Card or Account is misused.
Here's to safe online banking.
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Online Security Tips
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