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Dear Customer,
Be vigilant and safeguard your money. A simple response to a phishing email can result in a complete wipe out of your hard earned money from your account.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or Citibank would never ask you for your personal or confidential information like bank account details, ATM PIN, Internet PIN or other passwords over an email.
RBI has issued a clarification that it has never sent any such emails and also appeals to the members of the public not to respond to such emails and not to share their bank account details with anyone for any purpose.
Kindly be aware!
The fraudsters also send attractive offers to the public through letters, emails, mobile phones, SMS, from letterheads / websites that appear to be like that of some public authorities like RBI. The offers apparently contain fake signatures of top executives/senior officials of such authorities. RBI cautions the members of the public against responding in any manner to such offers of money from abroad.
RBI does not undertake any type of monetary arrangement, by whatever name called, and it does not take any responsibility for recovering monies remitted in response to such bogus communication.
Below are the snapshots of the mailer sent by
phishers claiming to be RBI. We have shared this as a reference to help you identify such fraudulent mails
and to safeguard your account.
Phishing bait. Never click on such Links
Bank will never ask for such sensitive information over email
do not fill in such details and fall prey to phishing
Please go through the following Do's and Don'ts to protect yourself from phishers
Educate yourself of fraudulent activity on the Internet
Periodically review your bank account and credit card statements for any transactions that are not initiated
by you
Always look for secure session indicators like https://
and padlock on web sites that require personal information
Use an updated anti-virus software and firewall
Never click on hyperlinks within emails, verify the URL independently before typing it on the browser
Never reply to emails that seek personal information
Never respond to offers of money from abroad
Never respond to/ make remittances/ participate
in schemes or offers from unknown entities.
Best regards,

Manager - Customer Service
Citibank, N.A., India
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Please do not reply to this mail as it is a computer generated mail. For further information, please follow the instructions mentioned above.
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