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Banks send One Time Password (OTP) / Online Authentication Code (OAC) to your registered mobile numbers only. Incase your telecom service provider confirms release of your duplicate SIM card to an unauthorized person, please check your account on Citibank Online or call up CitiPhone. This may help you prevent unauthorized access to your Citibank account.
Personal Computers are easily exposed to Malware, Trojan, Virus etc. Once the Malware gains access to your computer, your personal data can easily be made available to the hacker.
Here's how you can safeguard yourself
Do not respond to text messages (SMS) or automated voice messages from unknown or blocked numbers on your mobile phone
Treat the security of your mobile phone like you would treat your computer. Protect your phone using anti-virus and anti-malware tools
Do not download any software or application unless you trust the source
Do not respond to unsolicited emails or text messages (SMS) or phone calls requesting personal information
Never click on links or attachments associated with any unsolicited mails/websites/links/Pop ups which may seek information or intimate you on prize money/lottery etc
Always use trusted devices (home or office PC, personal mobile device) to login to your internet banking account
Check your cellular phone company’s website to view possible links to learn more about how to protect your phone
If you have been victimized by cellular fraud, please file a complaint with your mobile phone service provider and the law enforcement agency
If you have received an OTP without placing any request, please contact Citibank immediately. DO NOT SHARE THIS OTP/OAC WITH ANYBODY, even if the caller claims to be from Citibank.
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