Citibank never asks for your PIN, OTP, CVV and IPIN
Citibank, Reserve Bank of India or Income tax department would never ask you for personal or confidential information like Card / Bank account details, ATM PIN, Internet PIN, One Time Password (OTP), Online Authorization Code (OAC) over an email, SMS, IVR or outbound telephone call.
Did You Know?
Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails claiming to be from reputable companies (including RBI, Income tax department) in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and card details, online. Vishing is the act of using the telephone (Mobile / Landline / IVR) in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft such as income tax refund, card activation or upgrade, rewards redemption etc. Smishing is type of phishing attack where mobile phone users receive text / Multimedia (MMS) messages containing a Web site hyperlink, which if clicked would download a Trojan horse (spread viruses) to the mobile phone.
Let us take you through the tips to safeguard your account from such
fraudulent attempts.
Review your bank details periodically for any transactions that are not initiated by you.
Look for secure session indicators like
https:// and padlock on web sites that require personal information.
Use updated anti-virus software and firewall
Communicate information such as credit card
numbers or account information only via a secure website or IVR.
Ensure that your browser is up to date and
security patches applied.
If you reveal your bank account details
mistakenly, report the theft of this information to
the bank immediately.
Always TYPE the bank's address
( in your browser URL
field to access and login to your account, rather
than clicking through a hyper-link.
Never click on hyperlinks within emails, instead verify the URL independently.
Never reply to emails that seek personal information.
Never respond to offers of money from
Never respond to/ make remittances/ participate in schemes or offers from
unknown entities.
Do not reply to emails or SMS' claiming
that the recipient has won a substantial
sum of money in an online lottery or
Avoid filling out forms in email messages
that ask for personal financial information.
Don't click or forward links in an email,
instant message, or chat from unknown
senders or if you suspect the authenticity
of the message.
Never share confidential details like Card
number, Card expiry date, CVV, OTP,
Internet Password with anyone when you
receive any unsolicited calls, SMS, IVR or
email seeking for card activation or upgrade, income tax refund, reward point redemption. This could lead to fraud as Citibank will never ask for these details.
In case of any concern or clarification, please reach out to 24x7 CitiPhone helpline.
Assuring you of our best service at all times.
Warm regards,
Manager Customer Service
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