Keep your confidential information safe from fraudsters.
What does a fraudster want?
By impersonating as a trustworthy entity over call (telephone/mobile/IVR), the fraudster attempts to acquire sensitive information such as :
Banking PIN
CVV/OTP/ATM PIN/Internet password
Credit card and personal financial details
Beware when you get a call from an unknown caller saying...
"Share bank account details so that the Income Tax Refund can be transferred to it…"
"Card has been temporarily blocked and to avoid permanent blocking, do the following…"
"Reward points in card are due to expire soon, share details to transfer it to your account…"
"Do as directed else card will be deactivated…"
How can you protect yourself?
Never share confidential details like Card number/Card expiry date/CVV/OTP/Internet password/ATM PIN/Telephone PIN with anyone
Review your credit card and bank statements regularly
Always visit websites by typing URL in the address bar
Ensure the website uses encryption technology
Report suspected abuse of your personal information to the designated authorities
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