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Our Capabilities

If you are looking to optimise transaction turnaround times and funds flow timing... to expand into new markets while minimizing risk and maintaining your competitiveness... to develop a customized solution that matches your unique trade requirements... look to Citi.

  • Enhanced open account terms
  • Documentary trade instruments
  • Issuing Letters of Credit
  • Letters of Credit advising and confirmation
  • Issuing Standby Letters of Credit
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Collations
  • Document Warehousing

When you choose Global Transaction Services to provide your trade services, you are joining over 15,000 corporations and financial institutions, in over 100 countries that have chosen to partner with a market leader. In selecting Citi, you benefit from:

Wide-ranging, integrated services

Citi encompasses a truly integrated range of Trade services designed to meet your needs. Our information, risk mitigation, financing and settlement solutions support your entire value chain-from procurement to processing to post-sales.

Trade expertise

Our Trade Advisory teams have in-depth expertise in the intricacies of markets and trade products in different geographies and they can provide you with customized solutions. Among other things, they recognize your need to comply with various local regulatory requirements and the latest government rules.

Unmatched infrastructure

Advanced imaging and data communication systems link our four regional processing centres-in Penang (Malaysia), Mumbai (India), Lewisham (UK) and Tampa (USA)-for an around-the-clock trade operation that processes nearly 2 million trade transactions annually.

A partnership approach

In Citi, you have a partner who understands the way you manage your business. Whatever your trade requirements, we have the solutions and services to optimise transaction turnaround times, accelerate funds flow timing, and structure a solution that is suited to your specific needs.

State-of-the-art technology

Citi is committed to developing and using state-of-the-art technology and risk mitigation techniques. We maintain an ongoing investment in advanced global imaging and transaction processing technologies, such as our Web-based CitiDirect® Online Banking.

Import Letters of Credit

With a Citi Import Letter of Credit, you can delay payment for imported goods until after they're shipped - and after the exporter compiles with certain terms. Plus, you can use an Import LC to obtain financing for your international purchases even when the exporter cannot provide financing.

We offer you a range of options, from efficient management of paper-based requests for LCs to a comprehensive, fully automated service that lets you:

  • Initiate LCs electronically on CitiDirect®, our award-winning internet banking platform
  • Easily track the status of your transactions
  • Centralise your company's LC reporting
  • Improve administrative efficiency

With a presence in over 100 countries, coupled with the scale of our trade organization, we often handle all documentation for both importer and exporter in the same transaction. Both parties can also benefit from using a letter of credit to access Citi's international trade financing capabilities.

Import Documentary Collections

Citi can help you simplify the administration of your documentary import collections, so you'll know when funding is due, track outstanding import collections, and ease reconcilement of payables.

For commercial trade transactions, Citi's Import Documentary Collections are a simple and cost-effective alternative to Import Letters of Credit. You can:

  • Manage transactions and collections in multiple currencies
  • Centralise import payable information
  • Receive electronic notification when import documents arrive
  • View Online images and make payments on CitiDirect®, our online banking platform
  • Simplify the administration of commercial trade transactions
  • Reassure your trading partner of prompt remittance of payment

Working on your behalf throughout the world, Citi's efficient import collection services assure prompt payment to your supplier's bank. With an expansive presence and recognized expertise in international trade, Citi is a world leader in trade services. In fact, we often act on behalf of both importer and exporter in a trade transaction, thus speeding processing so that imported goods can be released to you faster.

Enhanced Open Account Terms

If you regularly conduct business with certain sellers, you can reduce the time and costs of letters of credit and import documentary collections by taking advantage of Citi's Enhanced Open Account trade process. Enhanced through our Doc Warehousing and CitiDirect® Online payment capabilities, Citi can help importers:

  • Facilitate payment for open account purchases
  • Streamline and speed up the trade process, including reconcilement and settlement
  • Make better data available faster, speeding completion of open account trade transactions
  • Provide an electronic record-from purchase order through shipment and payment-that can be uploaded to an ERP system, eliminating manual errors
  • Free up trade-related credit facilities for other uses
  • Reduce trade finance fees

Export Letter of Credit Confirmation

In today's international credit markets, exporters often need to use their financial resources or bank relationships to effect a trade sale. Buyers in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East may be unable to obtain international credit on their own.

A Citi Letter of Credit Confirmation enables exporters to minimize both the importer's country risk and the issuing bank's commercial credit risk. It assures you of payment by the confirming Citi branch-which is particularly valuable when your client is located in a potentially unstable environment.

Citi can help you arrange Letter of Credit Confirmations efficiently and quickly - usually within two business days.

We look forward to the opportunity of showing you how our custom solutions can support your global initiative while also meeting all your local needs.

Export Documentary Collections

In today's international credit markets, exporters often need to use their financial resources or bank relationships to effect a trade sale. Buyers in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East may be unable to obtain international credit on their own.

For commercial trade transactions, our Export Documentary Collections offer exporters an alternative payment method to letters of credit. When you ship goods to an importer, Citi retains custody of the title documents, until payment is received or expectance is obtained from the importer.

From wherever they originate, transaction proceeds are remitted to your account within 24-hours of receipt, giving you access to your funds at the earliest possible moment. Export Documentary Collections also let you:

  • Centralise the management of export receivables
  • Track outstanding collections
  • Know when payments are made
  • Improve the reconcilement and administration of your export processing

Unlike with letters of credit, the bank does not cover credit and country risk. If you're comfortable assuming those risks, Export Documentary Collection maybe cost-effective option.

You can generate Export Documentary Collections electronically, using Citi to transmit transaction details directly to us from your office. You can also denominate these transactions in a variety of currencies.

Document Warehousing

If you are looking to eliminate delays in payment on account of document discrepancies... to eliminate tracking open account import documents for payment... to reduce turnaround time, look at Citi's Doc Warehousing Solution and you can:

  • Forget all document handling hassles
    Citi handles all your hassles, from warehousing of open account import documents at the banks counters, Pre-scrutiny of documents by the operations unit, invoice level record of transactions in a banking system - so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Reduce turn-around time
    We do everything possible to eliminate delays in payments due to document discrepancies - Communicate status and discrepancies to you, rectify discrepancies prior to the payment date, provide outstanding reports to you to enable payment date decisions, provide payment files to the bank as well as debit authority and A1 form for payment.
  • Streamline payments
    Payment based on file instructions provided by customers (backed by debit authority and A1 form). Provision of payment related information as required by customers Consolidation of payments for the day, by beneficiary and due date, enabling single remittance instructions per beneficiary.
  • Integrate your ERP system with Citi's system
    Seamless transfer of information between your system and the Bank means that you can view all bank-generated reports/files on your system and vice-versa without manual intervention. You can get updated information on invoice-wise date on discrepant documents, outstanding payments and payments made at your fingertips.