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Payment Solutions

In today's competitive environment, we understand your challenges of managing cash flow and productivity in a cost-efficient manner. A key area of focus for streamlining your business operations is a more efficient accounts payable process.

Citi offers you a complete outsourcing solution for all your domestic and international payments to help you save time and money while providing a value-added service to your suppliers. The Indian Banks Association, Euromoney and Global Finance have judged Citi as the 'Best Bank for Payments' (apart from other coveted recognitions), so trust us to provide you with the best payment solution.

  • Comprehensive outsourcing solution - payments "at the push of a button"

    End-to-end integration with your ERP system means that all you have to do is to issue an electronic payment instruction - we take care of the rest - from printing checks, mailing them to the beneficiary, informing the beneficiary of payment details, reconciliation and uploading status reports onto your ERP system. This will eliminate all manual tasks involved in making payments, allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business needs.

  • One file. One instruction. One approval.

    Do away with the hassles of issuing separate instructions for different payment types such as Cheques, Drafts, NEFT, RTGS etc. Process multiple payment types whether domestic or international, in a single file and a single payment preparation and approval process. We will also warehouse all your recurring payment instructions so that you do not have to keep a tab on due dates.

  • Stay informed - minimize reconciliation hassles

    While we execute all the payment modalities on your behalf, we ensure that you stay in control through detailed status reports and automated reconciliation reports, and your payees are informed of the payments. Imagine the benefits - your payees spend less time tracking invoices, you spend less time answering their queries on payments, goods are shipped faster to you, and you enjoy better credit relationships.

  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your payment requirements

    We will customize our payment services to suit the different needs of your business and your suppliers - regardless of whether you operate only in India and are primarily focused on domestic payments or you are a multinational with a global span of payments.

  • Superior coverage - large domestic and global footprint

    Citi ensures a wide domestic coverage with drafts payable at over 8376 bank locations, NEFT / RTGS to over 93,000 locations. On the international front, you can make import and non-import related foreign currency payments in over 111 currencies. For capital market payments, we offer metro warrants at 20 Citi locations and non-metro warrants at 1036 correspondent bank locations.