Markets - Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Equities.


Markets - Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Equities. Derivatives.

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  • Full-service derivatives capabilities across risk classes - interest rates, commodities, currencies, credit and equities - on underlying markets around the world.
  • Structured Products capabilities to help clients minimize capital raising costs, hedge or diversify market exposures, customize investment returns and access international markets.
  • Risk management analyses for balance sheet, accounting and hedging purposes using proprietary models.

Derivatives Week

Derivatives Week

September 2013

  • Global Derivatives House of the Year
  • FX Derivatives House of the Year
  • FX Platform of the Year - CitiVelocity

Global Finance Derivatives Awards

Global Finance Derivatives Awards

October 2012

  • Best Bank for FX Derivatives
  • Best Bank for Latin America Derivatives

Risk Interdealer Rankings

Risk Interdealer Rankings

September 2012

  • Best Bank for FX Swaps
  • Best Bank for USD/EUR
  • Structured solutions for raising capital through debt, equity or hybrid instruments in on-shore and off-shore capital markets.
  • Distribution of Customized Investment Products.
  • Risk analytics capabilities in place.
  • Citi is one of the most active market-makers with an ability to provide innovative solutions across asset classes, backed by a senior coverage team.
  • Citi leverages a global network to make available best in class risk management practices to our clients and enables Indian clients to benefit from this global expertise.

Investor Charter

Note:- Please note that CitiBank NA, is a Trading member of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), i.e. Settlement & Margin related activities (including Issuance of Annual Global Statement) are part of Clearing Member Responsibilities.