Cash Management.

Account Services And Liquidity Management.

Cash Management. Account Services And Liquidity Management.

Account Services

Liquidity management is quintessential for effective working capital management. At Citi, we understand that liquidity management requires visibility control and optimization of balances across your accounts.

A wide range of Corporates, Financial Institutions and Small / Medium Enterprises choose Citi as the preferred partner for meeting their account management requirements. Corporates can hold the following types of accounts

  • Current Account

    It is a plain vanilla, non-interest bearing account and the withdrawals to the account are permissible only up to the amount of deposits in the account.

  • EEFC Account

    Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account (EEFC) is an account maintained in foreign currency with an Authorized Dealer. This account is for Exporters to hold their Foreign Currency Inward Remittance in foreign currency.

  • Cash Credit Account

    Cash Credit Account is a form of current account with overdraft facility with fixed limit. This account is also non-interest bearing account.

  • Escrow

    As an Escrow Agent, Citibank provides customised solutions by receiving, safekeeping, investing and disposing of escrowed assets.

    Escrow examples include:

    • Escrow Bankers for Reverse Book-build issues for Delisting
    • Escrow Bankers for Open Offers
    • Share Purchase Agreements or Business Purchase Agreements
    • Payment Collection bank for a QIPs and IPOs
    • Buy Back of Shares by Tender Offer
    • Joint Venture Arrangements
    • Asset Divestitures
    • Acquisition of an Unlisted Company
    • Share issuance to Private Equity or Venture Capital Investors
    • Structured Loans repayment
    • Funds to cover pending tax liability when resolved
    • No-Lien Accounts

    With Citi as your partner, you can expect more than just account services.

Better control of your cash - real time information

CitiDirect®, our award winning electronic banking platform, gives you online balances and transaction reporting to help you monitor your account information centrally in an easily accessible format.

Investment options - transform surplus balances into working investments

Citi offers you the best Investment options to minimize your idle balances, and allowing you greater flexibility in managing your funds. We give you an option to choose from a wide range of investment options such as term deposits, mutual funds etc.

Cash concentration - optimize balances

Optimize costs at a corporate / group level by leveraging inter-company and intra-company target-balancing solutions. Investments can be in an active or a passive form depending on local regulations.

Global footprint with strong local presence

No other bank can match Citi's capabilities in global liquidity management because our solutions work across your company's operating networks at local regional and global levels. Our extensive network means that you have the flexibility in choosing bases for your regional and master accounts, allowing you to arrange mechanisms in order to achieve visibility control, and optimal utilization of balances.