Service Excellence

Commercial Bank
A Division of Citibank, N.A., India

Service Excellence.

Service Excellence.

We offer you a range of Exclusive Services & Efficiency Management Solutions.

Best-in-class Services

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • CitiDirect® - Our Online Banking Platform
  • CitiService
  • CitiAlert and Daily Account Statement on E-mail
  • Preferred Customer Privileges

CitiDirect® - Our Online Banking Platform

CitiDirect® - CitiDirect® is our web-based online banking system that enables you to perform multiple banking transactions via one point, without having to go to the bank. We also offer a lighter and faster version of online banking portal called the Citi Commercial Bank Portal.

Features of CitiDirect® and Citi Commercial Bank Portal

  • Online account statements
  • Payment initiation
  • Single sign on for all Citi Commercial Bank Services

Benefits of CitiDirect® and Citi Commercial Bank Portal

  • Central, 24x6 access to currency accounts located at Citibank branches globally
  • Fast, efficient and easy to use
  • Transaction initiation and information management
  • Multi-layered security

Additional Benefits of CitiDirect®

  • Initiation and tracking of Direct Documentary Collections and Letters of Credit requests
  • Online checking of Letter of Credit status
  • Trade event notification that delivers status of your transactions into your mailbox
  • Comprehensive reports and Advice on Cash Management and Import & Export Enhanced customised reporting capabilities

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Our Advantages

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Your Relationship Manager will assist you not only with your banking requirements but also with liquidity management and need-based financial solutions.


The phone banking unit dedicated to you, will empower your business activities with online and offline information and will respond to your post transactional queries within the committed turn-around time.


Timely alerts on your mobile phones or email pertaining to account balances, cheque returns, etc.

Daily Account Statement on Email

This is to ensure that you are aware of your liquidity position at the start of each day.

Preferred Customer Privileges

As our Preferred Customer, you can avail of the following privileges:

  • Cash Delivery
  • Access to our exclusive weekly India Market Analysis
  • Invitation to exclusive events that are organised to provide Industry-specific knowledge


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