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Global Capabilities. Flexible Management. Cash Management Solutions.

Efficient cash management is critical for the success of every business. Citibank, the pioneer of cash management in India, offers both traditional and online solutions to help manage your payments and receivables for process and cost efficiency.

Our Cash Management Solutions Advantages

  • Account services - 24x7 access through CitiPhone or Citibank Online, Demand Draft at 1,000 + locations, fund transfer to over 100 countries, regular MIS and more
  • Receivables Management:
    • Efficient fund management through automated and customised traditional collection solutions
    • Faster collection of receivables through Immediate Payment Service
    • E-collect, the electronic receivable solutions that enables quicker collection
    • Web-based payment gateway for e-business and online retailers with real time payment status update
Operating Account Services

Features & Benefits

  • Round-the-clock access
  • Demand Draft facility at more than 1,000 locations
  • Local and Overseas Funds Transfer to over 100 countries
  • MIS at a frequency and format desired by you
Receivables Management

Traditional Collection Solutions

This comprehensive receivables & payments solution expedites sales collection across many locations of the country making it easier, faster and cheaper. Our Receivables Management Solutions are an integral part of Working Capital Management.


  • Acceleration of fund availability
  • Quick turnaround on collection information
  • Automated reconciliation and customised MIS
  • Optimisation of resource allocation on account of reduction in accounting and reconciliation efforts

Immediate Payment Service

An innovative solution that allows clients to accelerate the cash conversion cycle and improve working capital efficiency by leveraging mobile channels for the collection of receivables.


Citi's e-collect proposition is a customised electronic receivables solution, which enables same day credit with a provision of "intra-day" MIS in customisable format along with intra-day SMS notification.


  • Reduction in collections cost
  • Enhanced counter party experience resulting in smoother transition
  • Widespread coverage expanding to over 80% of all bank branches in the country
  • Helps increase sales efficiency

Payment Gateway

A web-based e-portal for making payments using e-commerce application that authorises payments for e-businesses & online retailers.


  • Faster settlement of realisable proceeds
  • Superior location coverage extending to over 25,000 + bank branches
  • Enables real-time confirmation on payment status ("Success" / "Failure")
  • Multiple payment options through card or internet banking
Payables Management

We offer you a secure, flexible and cost effective Payment Management Solution. With our extensive coverage and wide product range, we are best suited to address both your domestic and cross border payment needs. "Paylink" is our specialised disbursement product for your commercial payments, offering you single window coverage in more than 1,000 locations across India.


Payments via:

  • Cheques
  • Drafts
  • Direct account to account transfer
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT / RTGS)
  • Online access of foreign currency rates
  • Cross border wire transfers from your desktops
  • Electronically submit transaction documents


  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced security & control
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced liquidity management
  • Reconciliation and MIS
  • Scalability
  • Excellent customer service
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Knowledge Center


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