FAQ - Dispute Transactions on Credit and Debit Cards


What channels can I use to report a transaction that I have a dispute on?

You may report a dispute through any of the below mentioned channels:

  • To raise a dispute, log in to :

    • For Debit Cards, navigate to Banking->Click on Account on which you wish to raise a dispute->Scroll to the bottom of Account Statement->Select Dispute->Select transaction you wish to dispute

    • For Credit Cards, navigate to Credit Card->Click on the Card on which you wish to raise a dispute->Scroll to the bottom of Account Statement->Select Dispute->Select transaction you wish to dispute

  • You can also write to us by Login to Citibank Online by

    • After logging in, navigate to Banking> Other Services and Queries> Your Queries> Compose a Mail, to write an email to us. Take help from ‘Ask me’ to get an instant answer. If it does not help, close the window and click ‘Compose a Mail’ again

  • Contact CitiPhone at 1860 210 2484/ +91 22 4955 2484

  • Need help logging in?

    • Don’t have a user ID/ password? Click here to create your User ID, generate your password and start using Citibank online.

    • Forgot your User ID? To retrieve it in 3 steps online, Click here.

    • Forgot your IPIN (Internet Password)? Click here to reset it in just 3 steps online.

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I have a dispute on a transaction on my Citi Card. What are the possible categories that my dispute could fall under?

The transaction that you need to dispute may fall under any of the below categories:

  • Unauthorized/ Fraudulent transaction
  • Transaction failed but debited
  • Paid by alternate means
  • Duplicate billing on the card for the same transaction at the merchant outlet
  • Goods not delivered by merchant/services not rendered
  • Non-receipt of refund after the turn around time committed by the merchant
  • Credit not processed by the merchant
  • Cash not dispensed from the ATM

Please note- Disputes on fraudulent/unauthorized transactions can be reported by logging in to Citibank Online.

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What type of transactions can I raise a dispute for?

The various types of transactions for which disputes may need to be raised are grouped as below:

These may be either domestic or international transactions.

  • Purchase related: These are transactions done at a merchant outlet and can be classified as follows:

    • Swipe/DIP Transaction: Any transaction done manually by swiping or dipping the card are swipe transactions. These could be secure (done with Card PIN) or non-secure in nature.

    • Non-swipe (Phone, Internet Transaction): Any transaction done on the phone, internet or without swiping/dipping the physical card, is a non-swipe transaction. These transactions maybe secure or non-secure in nature.

      • Secure Transactions: Any transaction that you do on internet/swipe machine with the help of IPIN/OTP validation (along with card expiry date/CVV ) is termed as a secure transaction.

      • Non Secure Transactions: These are transactions where you use the card with the CVV and/or card expiry date, while performing online (internet) and other offline transactions.

  • Cash Withdrawal: These transactions pertain to cash withdrawal from either Citibank or other bank ATMs. Issues such as dispense failure, amount shortfall/ mismatch, technical error, transaction time out, etc. fall under this category.

  • Standing Instructions : These transactions are recurring payments made via standing instructions to the biller or through Citibank typically for utility bill payment/mobile recharge

Please Note:

  • For Unauthorized/Fraudulent Transactions, Citibank accepts disputes only for Purchase Related -> Swipe/DIP , Purchase Related -> Non Secure Transactions or Standing Instructions and unauthorized ATM transactions.
  • For Purchase Related -> Secure Transactions, please call our 24*7 CitiPhone helpline to check.
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Can transactions authenticated by PIN or OTP be disputed in case of Unauthorized/ Fraudulent usage?

Please contact our 24*7 CitiPhone helpline at 1860 210 2484 / +91 22 4955 2484 to check if your transaction qualifies for a dispute.


Can the transaction be cancelled or the payment to merchant be stopped?

The transaction once performed at a merchant outlet cannot be cancelled by us. You can either request cancellation from the merchant’s end in which case reversal will reflect automatically or proceed with a dispute on the transaction if it fits an appropriate dispute category.


What documents may be required to support a dispute that I am reporting?

  • Depending on the type of transaction that you are disputing, different documents may be required, which we will inform you about when you report the dispute. However, an indicative list of documents is given below. The Bank will also touch base with you from time to time for any additional documentation/information, as required:

  • Cardmember Declaration Form (CDF): A CDF is required if you have a VISA Card and the unauthorized transaction is done in Europe region with a value >=USD 1000 In such a case, all the details mentioned in the form need to be filled up correctly and duly signed by the customer.

    • Click here to download a CDF.Post clicking, select ‘Credit Cards’ tab for Credit Card dispute CDF and ‘Banking/Suvidha’ tab for Debit Card dispute CDF.

    • We may inform you to submit additional documents apart from CDF, to complete the resolution as per the VISA association guidelines.

  • For certain transactions classified as fraudulent#, you will have to share a police complaint, copy of all pages of passport (for overseas disputes) and a copy of the cut card (for ‘card in possession’ disputes). In case of Lost / Stolen cards where fraudulent transactions have been reported, you will need to provide the below documents:

    • Copy of the police complaint / FIR (Filed at the loss location).

    • Copy of all pages of passport (for overseas disputes).

    #Please note, certain fraudulent transactions may also additionally require submission of Cardmember Declaration Form (CDF).

  • For Service related transactions: Please share proof of merchant interaction.

  • If the merchant has done a refund: Please include the proof of refund, as provided by the merchant. Example: void charge slip.

  • For Failed transactions: Please share proof of alternative payment.


What are the timelines for reporting a dispute?

The Dispute needs to be reported immediately upon identification. Documents as required, need to be sent to us within 30* days of the transaction date.

*May differ for certain categories. You are advised to send over the documents to us at the earliest.


Where can I send the completed CDF?

The completed CDF can be sent via any of the below options:

  • Email to retail.dox.india@citi.com

  • Registered mail to: Citibank N.A., Mail Room, ACROPOLIS, 9th Floor, New Door No.148(Old No.68), Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004.

  • Ordinary mail to: Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office, Chennai - 600 002.


What happens after I report a dispute?

If your dispute is accepted, we will provide a Provisional Credit for the disputed amount, based on the transaction dispute type, on your Credit or Debit Card.

For a dispute on your Credit Card transaction, if your dispute has not been accepted by us and you have not been provided with a provisional credit, you will need to make the payment within the due date as per the card statement.


When can I expect my dispute to be resolved?

The time taken for an unauthorized transaction dispute to be resolved is as per the guidelines of VISA & MasterCard and is up to 90 days. For any other transaction, the resolution timeline could be up to 180 days.


How can I know the status of my dispute?

We will send notifications on your registered mobile number or Email id to update you at various stages of the dispute. In certain scenarios, we may need to contact you to seek additional information or documents. In case you are not reachable, an alert will be sent to you and you can call back on your CitiPhone helpline number at 1860 210 2484 / +91 22 4955 2484 or reply to retail.dox.india@citi.com from your registered email id with the required details.

Customers may log in to Citibank Online to view the status of their dispute:

For disputes raised on transaction on Debit Cards, Banking-> View Dispute Status

For disputes raised on transaction on Credit Cards, Credit Cards-> View Dispute Status

For more, visit Citi Help, the one-stop destination for all your queries.