Citibank® Junior Account

Find A Great Way To Secure Your Child's Future.

Citibank Junior Account - Savings account for your child

What is a Citibank® Junior Account?

The Citibank Junior Account is a savings account that parents can open for their children who are below 18 years of age. It comes with several benefits such as dual insurance, online banking services, free cash withdrawal at ATMs, etc., that can help your child learn about the basics of managing money at an early age. Children above the age of 15 are also issued free junior ATM/debit cards so they can experience easy and hassle-free banking while making transactions and withdrawing money.

All Citibank Junior Accounts must have a minimum of 2 holders (1st holder being the minor and 2nd holder being the guardian). The guardian should have an existing account with Citibank to avail of this option.

Citibank Junior Account - Bank account for minors

Citibank® Junior Account

Top reasons to apply for opening a Citibank® Junior Account

  • Teach your child to manage finances and experience world-class banking
  • Great saving options through Systematic Investment Plans to secure your child's future
  • Citibank Junior Debit Card for children above 15 years of age

Features of Children’s Savings Account

Say goodbye to pocket money in cash with a Minor's savings account

A Citibank Junior Debit Card (for children above 15 years of age) that gives your child a first hand experience of banking. Your child can use his/her Debit Card to:

  • Withdraw cash at all Citibank ATMs for free.
  • Make payments at his/her favorite merchant outlets in India and abroad.

Children’s Savings Account - Manage your child's finances

  • Set limits on your child's Debit Card to control expenses.
  • Issue standing instructions from your account to your child's account through our online banking platform.
  • Transfer money regularly to the Junior Account and invest the money in investment products such as, Deposits, Mutual Funds etc.

Anywhere, anytime account access

  • 24x7 customer service with CitiPhone Banking.
  • Free access to Online Banking.
  • Free Online Transfers to any bank account in India.
  • Savings at select restaurants/merchants on your Citibank Debit Card in India.

Benefits of Citibank Junior Account

Plan for your child's future

Choose the ideal mix of investment products using Citibank's global expertise in investment. The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)* works on the simple principle of maximizing your child's wealth while minimising risks.

Insurance Plan for your child

Plan your child's future with control over your Investments: Presenting BSLI Classic Child Plan/Dream Child Plan that helps you ensure that you can provide your child's education and support their aspirations.

This plan comes with a host of benefits:

  • Dual Insurance benefit with life cover available to you and your child.
  • 10 different Investment funds in the Classic Child Plan.
  • Built-in policy continuation benefit.

Benefits of opening your child's Investment Services Account with Citibank:

  • Assistance from certified Investment Counselors.
  • Access to comprehensive Financial Market Reports.
  • Access your investments anytime through Citibank Online.

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If you wish to open a kids’ savings account for your child, you may do so once you feel that your child is ready to understand the basics of handling and managing money. However, as minors are not permitted by law to open a bank account, as a guardian you can open a joint or a custodial account for your child.

If you are named as the custodian of your child’s account, you can access the money saved in your child’s savings account. If you are the parent but not named as a custodian, you cannot access the money from your child’s account.

Yes, grandparents can open a children's savings account for their grandchild. However, they must provide the bank with the grandchild’s proof of identity.

Banks may ask you to submit the child's identity proof (birth certificate) and photograph. If you are the guardian, you may have to submit your details and identity proof as well.

When your child turns 18, his/her children’s savings account will become inoperative. It will have to be converted into a regular savings account. Once converted, the account will incorporate all the rules and requirements of a normal savings account.

If you're interested in opening a Citibank Junior Account, visit your nearest Citibank branch. Click here to locate your nearest Citibank branch.
  • FREE Citibank Junior ATM/Debit Card
  • Buy Health Insurance Online and save a transaction fee of Rs.195!*


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