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Girl Shopping Using Credit Card EMI


Convert Credit Card Bill to EMI

Citi Credit Card ‘Dial/Click-an-EMI’ Installment Program has been renamed as ‘Citi PayLite’.

Convert big credit card purchases into EMIs

Get what you love with ease
Get what you love with ease

Convert any purchase above 2500* into affordable instalments at flexible tenures.

Shop as much you like
Shop as much you like

Convert up to 10 eligible transactions into easy EMIs on your Citi credit card.

Simple and hassle-free
Simple and hassle-free

No paperwork, avail instantly via Citi Mobile App or Citibank Online.

How it works on the Citi Mobile App

How it works on the Citi Mobile App

screen 1: Check eligibility to convert credit bill to EMI


Choose ‘Convert credit card transactions into EMI’ to check eligible transactions

screen 2: Select purchase for EMI conversion


Select purchase for EMI conversion

screen 3: Choose tenure for Credit Card Instalments


Choose your tenure

screen 4: Credit Card EMI Subscription successfully done


Congratulations! You have successfully converted your purchase to easy installments

How others are using Citi PayLite

Shop Luxury goods using Citi Paylite

Luxury goods

Everyone treats themselves in their own way. Sneha got the shoes she had been eyeing, with affordable Citi PayLite.

Girl Purchased home appliances by converting credit card bill to EMI

Home Appliances

Home appliances often carry a hefty price tag. Seema split the bill for her latest washing machine with Citi PayLite.

gadget purchases with affordable monthly payments

Tech gadgets

Kunal turned his latest gadget purchases into affordable monthly payments with Citi PayLite.

Download Citi Mobile® App to get Citi PayLite

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Citi PayLite Facility?

    Citi PayLite is a facility offered to Citi Credit Cardholders to convert their purchases into easy monthly installments. Any eligible purchase greater than ₹ 2500 can be converted into flexible EMIs before the payment due date.

    It can be conveniently availed in just a few clicks, via Citi Mobile App/ Citibank Online. Click here to avail now.

  • What is the interest rate applicable for Citi PayLite?

    You can log in to Citi Mobile App/Citibank Online to check the applicable interest rate on your PayLite offer.

    Click here to avail now.

  • Are there any other charges for booking Citi PayLite?

    Yes, a one-time transaction fee of 2.5% of the converted purchase amount or ₹ 200 whichever is higher will be charged for every Citi PayLite facility. Also, Goods and Services Tax (GST) as notified by the Government of India, is applicable on the interest component of the EMI, all fees and other charges and is subject to change as per relevant regulations of the Government of India.

  • Can I pre-close my loan?

    There is no lock in period and the loan may be pre-closed at any point of time. Any pre-closure of Citi PayLite facility shall attract prepayment charges at the rate of 3% on the unpaid principal together with relevant taxes. You can pre-close your EMI facility by calling 24-Hour CitiPhone.

Important Notice :

Citi Credit Card ‘Dial/Click-an-EMI’ Installment Program has been renamed as ‘Citi PayLite’.

Terms & Conditions :

Terms and Conditions for Citi PayLite.