Redeem Rewards Points

Earn Rewards

How to Earn Points?

Earn Reward Points with every spend on your Citi Credit Card.

Depending on the type of card you hold, you can accumulate more points for your spends at retail outlets, travel bookings, movies and more.

To learn more on how Reward Points are earned and calculated, click here.

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How Many Points Do I Have?

Get details on the available Reward Points by sending just one SMS.

SMS REWARDS XXXX to 52484* (XXXX is the last 4 digits of your card) or Login to Citi Online herehere.

Redeem From Rewards Catalog

Redeem your points for gift vouchers from over 100 local and international brands

  • Rewards Catalog to redeem points

Please note:

  • Orders once placed are not cancellable. Before pressing ‘Order now’ please ensure the order is correct or go ‘Back’ to previous screen to change order.The order will be processed after successful validation of your credit card details.
  • For successful redemption requests, the E-voucher will be sent via SMS and email to your registered contact details within 2 working days
  • To redeem your points for catalogue vouchers, you are requested to login to Citibank Online.
    To view the list of brands listed on the catalogue, please Click here.
Miles Transfer

Redeem your points for Miles transfer as per the details given below


Redeem your points for Cashback against card outstanding as per the details given below

  • A hand with some money signifying cashback against card Cash Back
Universal Pay With Points

Pay for your transactions with Citi Reward Points

Just an SMS. Its that simple!!

Anything. Anywhere

Click here for Universal Pay with Points Program full terms & conditions.

Click here for Universal Pay with Points Program Frequently Asked Questions.

IndianOil Citi Credit Card

IndianOil Citi Credit Card

Redeem your Turbo Points instantly via SMS

IndianOil Citibank Credit Card

First Citizen Citi Credit Card

Redeem Reward Points easily

1Booking of tickets against miles is subject to availability of tickets. For detailed Terms and conditions regarding Miles redemption and ticket bookings, please visit

*SMS REWARDS XXXX to 52484 for Airtel /Aircel/Idea/Vodafone subscribers or 919880752484 919880752484 for other subscribers.

**Partial redemption option is available at (against flight tickets only).

Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

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