Earn Credit Card Points - Rewards Earn Grid

Card Type

On Normal Spends you earn (Points/Rs.Spent)

On Spends on these Categories

You earn (Points/Rs.Spent)

Citi Rewards Card 1 point /Rs.125 Apparel, Departmental Stores 1 10 points / Rs.125
IndianOil Citi Titanium & Platinum Card 1 point /Rs.1506 IndianOil Outlets2 4 points / Rs.150
    Grocery stores3 2 points / Rs.150
Citi PremierMiles Card 4 miles/Rs.100 Airline Spends4 & Featured partners6 10 miles/Rs.100
Citi Cashback Card 1 point/Rs.200 Movies, Telephone & Utilities5 10 points/Rs.200
Citi Corporate Card 2 points/Rs.125    
First Citizen Citi Credit Card 2 points/Rs.2006 At Shoppers Stop on other brands (in-store, website or mobile app), Homestop, Arcelia, M.A.C, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone & Smashbox 10 points/Rs.200
    At Shoppers Stop private brand apparel (in-store, website or mobile app) 14 points/Rs.200
Citi Prestige Credit Card 1 point/Rs.100 International transactions 2 points/Rs.100

1The 10X points accrue on spends till Rs.7,000 (or 560 points) per month in apparel & department stores. For spends beyond this, earn 1 point per Rs.125. Identification of Apparel & Department stores are based on Merchant Category Code allotted by Visa and MasterCard to the merchant where the purchase is made

2 Earn 4 Turbo Points on every Rs.150 spent for fuel purchases at Authorized IndianOil outlets. The Turbo Points that accrue in this category would be capped to Rs.10,000 per transaction, i.e., no Turbo Points would accrue for transactions greater than Rs.10,000 in value.

3 Earn 2 Turbo Points on every Rs.150 spent at groceries and supermarkets. Identification of Grocery Stores, Supermarkets are based on MCCs (Merchant Category Codes) allotted by Visa and MasterCard. "2 Turbo Points per Rs.150" will accrue on spends till Rs.5000 (or 67 points) per "month" in the categories specified above. For spends beyond this, the customer will earn 1 Turbo Point per Rs.150 spent. "Month" is defined as the statement billing cycle assigned to your card.

4 Air-line spends refer to purchases made at airline owned websites, at airline counters or via booking options offered of www.premiermiles.co.in. Identification of airlines is based on Merchant Category Codes allotted by VISA and MasterCard to the merchant where the purchase is made. Please note that bookings made through any travel agents, including but not limited to any private travel agents, corporate travel agents, online travel agencies or their websites/IVR systems, shall be eligible for only 4 miles for every Rs100 spent.

5 Cash back in the Telephone / Movies / Utility category is capped at Rs.100 per month for each category. Identification of Telephone / Movies categories is done basis MCC codes provided by MasterCard. Utility category transactions are identified as those which are made through Citibank Online Billpay

6 Purchase transactions performed on certain merchant categories will not earn rewards points. The MCCs (as allotted by Visa or MasterCard) on which the rewards will not be earned are: Transportation & Tolls (4111, 4121, 4131 & 4784), Utilities (4900), Insurance (5960 & 6300), Educational Institutions (8211, 8241, 8244, 8249 & 8299) and Government Institutions (9211, 9222, 9311, 9399, 9402, 9405 & 8220).