We all know that a salary account is one into which a salary is credited. A salary account is usually opened by the employer for each of his employees in a bank that the business has a relationship with. It is not something that an individual does usually.
Regardless of who opens the salary account, there are a few factors that one needs to consider while setting up these accounts.

  1. Interest Rates

    It is always good to find a bank that offers the best interest rates to a customer. Since every bank pays interest on the money that is deposited in accounts, a salary account should sit in a bank that offers the best rates of interest. This helps the one who has the account there – and who wouldn’t want their money to make more money!

    The Citibank Suvidha Account pays 2.75% p.a. interest rate calculated daily, paid quarterly.

  2. Minimum Average Balance

    Every bank usually requires the account holder to maintain at least a certain minimum amount in their bank accounts. It can be anything at all. The great thing about most salary accounts is that there is no need for a minimum amount to be maintained in them! These accounts are called Zero Balance Accounts. Finding a Zero Balance Account is a great idea as it means that employees can take their entire salary out of the account, if they so wish!

    The Citibank Suvidha Account is one such Zero Balance Account which does not require a minimum balance to be maintained in it.

  3. Net Banking/Mobile Banking Facilities

    In these days, where convenience and instant access is absolutely necessary, it is important for the salary account to be in a bank that offers internet banking and mobile banking services. If there is a Mobile App, that is even better!

    With the Citibank Suvidha Salary Account, you can access your account securely through Citibank Online Internet Banking and the very useful Citi Mobile App.

  4. Debit and Credit Cards

    If a Debit Card and sometimes even a Credit Card comes with the salary account, then that is a very handy and useful thing. It means that you can withdraw cash from ATMs and also use the Card instead of cash at various stores and establishments where you need to make payments. And if the bank offers special offers and deals on the Card, then there’s nothing like it!

    The Citibank Suvidha Salary Account Zero fee debit card is accepted widely all across the world at merchant outlets and ATMs. You can earn Reward Points on every spend and redeem those points as cash back! In addition, you also have the choice to apply for and avail the complementary Citi Credit Card with your salary account, and enjoy a wide range of offers.

  5. ATM transactions across banks

    A wide network of ATMs is a very useful service that banks offer, making it extremely convenient for account holders to withdraw cash any time they want to, even outside banking hours. You can usually use the debit card at other banks’ ATMs for a fee.

    The Citibank Suvidha Salary Account comes with a Debit card that can be used in their ATMs and in other ATMs as well. In fact, for up to 5 transactions a month across any bank ATM, there is no charge incurred on your Citi debit card.

    So if you are looking for a Bank to open a salary account in, then these are the key factors that should help you decide!