The question has two parts. First, why it’s important for young adults to begin investing now instead of putting off the decision to another day, and second, why it’s especially important to do so if you happen to be a woman.

Let’s take the second question first. We are in an age that’s consciously waging a war against gender stereotypes to bring about greater equality, and where better to start than with understanding the core concepts of financial planning – a domain tacitly reserved for men. Even your friendly neighbourhood search engine doesn’t come to your rescue when you try to look up sound advice for young women to build a diversified investment portfolio.

Wealth Building

“There’s so much publicity around the gender pay gap, but the gender investment gap is also really important to solve if women are going to be in more control of their financial wellbeing and have choices in life” Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing at Legal & General Investment Management.

Such choices are important because money equals power, and goes hand in hand with equality and independence. You can build your wealth by learning how to invest early and where.

The longer the term, the better the returns…

As a young person, you may be in a position to take on greater risks and invest for longer durations. You have the advantage of time on your side. Compounding can work wonders for you if you invest wisely. Compounding is a simple yet powerful concept that has a multiplier effect. A single investment of Rs. 1,00,000 at the age of 20 will grow 7 times to become Rs. 7,00,000 by the time you turn 60 (at a modest 5% interest rate). The same Rs. 1,00,000 invested at the age of 30 will give you Rs. 4,30,000 (4.3 times) by 60 and if you wait till the time you turn 40, it will only increase to Rs. 2,60,000 (2.6 times) in 20 years. The longer you invest, the more your money works for you to build your wealth.

… and lower the risks

You also are less fearful of unpredictable returns and can take chances that you think will result in larger gains. For example, if you are new to the world of finance and do not know where to begin, you can invest in a range of mutual funds (Citi can help you with this – more on that later) depending on the returns you want, and the risk that you are willing to take. It is likely that your risks will be absorbed and your losses, if any, will recover over a period of time, as long as you remain invested for a significant period.

Experiment and learn

You can experiment and diversify your investments so that you learn from both your mistakes and successes. You have years to study and understand the market and build your own investment strategy. It is easier than it looks.

Simplify investment

Your financial needs at a young age are not complex, just as investing in Mutual Funds (MFs) is not complex. You can easily research and buy funds that are tailored to your needs. What’s more, MFs are easily accessible. All you need is some money and time to open an account.

Identify your financial goals

Before you begin, you must understand and prioritise what your financial goals are. Your mutual fund investment can then work towards that goal with better direction. If you have an education loan, you might want to pay it off in a short span of time, or you may be looking to fund a sought-after course abroad, or even save enough money for a sabbatical from work. You may also have dependent parents or lifestyle goals that require you to make smart investments in an organized manner.

How can Citi help?

Citi distributes a wide range of mutual funds that can help you achieve your investment objectives once you’ve identified them.

Whatever your risk profile, Citi has a range of funds shortlisted through specific quantitative and qualitative methods via CitiChoice. Handpicked by experts, you stand to benefit from extensive research, a rigorous selection process and continuous monitoring of your funds. Plus, you have the option to diversify your investments and significantly lower your risk. You have 24x7 access to CitiPhone, Citi Mobile App and Citibank Online to view your account and transact conveniently from anywhere, anytime.*

*While placing an order, the NAV of the fund is captured basis the cut-off time for different fund types.

Citi makes the process incredibly simple:

You can invest in Mutual funds distributed by Citi if you hold an Investment Services account with Citi.

Channels –

Citibank Online


If you have a salary account with Citi, you can start investing by following the simple steps below:

If you have a bank account with Citi (but not a salary account, you can start investing through Citi in a few simple steps.

You are now ready to invest via Citi!