They can come in any shape or form to try and lure you out of your safety net of password protections and verification codes. Look out for these 10 threats to avoid getting duped:

  1. Phishing – The threat that claims to be from a reputable source to steal your personal data.
  2. Vishing – The threat to scam you via telephone (Mobile/Landline/IVR), luring you with false promises of tax refunds, card activation/upgrade and/or reward redemption.
  3. Smishing – The threat that uses text/multimedia messages (MMS) containing a hyperlink which if clicked, infects your phone with a virus.
  4. SIM Swap – The threat that collects your personal banking information to obtain a duplicate SIM Card to carry out account transactions without your knowledge.
  5. Phony Website – The threat that’s an imposter website set-up to steal your sensitive and financial information.
  6. Remote Access App – – The threat that helps connect one mobile device to another and once downloaded, asks you to share OTP and grant permissions. Your mobile then is virtually in the hands of the fraudster with all your confidential data.
  7. UPI Misuse – The threat that tries to steal your money by requesting funds via UPI (Unified Payment Interface, the real-time payment system platform), using the UPI REQUEST MONEY option, calling you to approve the same and carry out fraudulent transactions via mobile banking or payments related apps.
  8. Spyware – The threat that tries to maliciously gain access to your password, IPIN and personal identifiable data through third party toolbars or suspicious software downloads.
  9. Virus, Trojans and Hackers – The threat that comes in the form of unsolicited email asking you to fill forms or share personal financial information.
  10. Lottery Announcements by the RBI Governor – The threat that blatantly pretends to be the RBI Governor or another reputed person/organization and tries to lure you with lottery wins.
Safeguard yourself and enjoy a fraud free Dussehra!