Do you know one of the best ever perks that a Credit Card can bring to a customer? Concierge services!

Concierge services have been historically offered by hotels – where there is a concierge desk in the hotel lobby where customers can make their requests. They help with travel bookings and tours and sightseeing, and a whole lot more. But concierge services have moved from being something only hotels offer, to something being offered by private agencies and now, banks, through premium Credit Cards.

Let’s take a look at concierge services that come with a Credit Card, and see what this can bring to a customer.

The Concierge services that come with a Credit Card take care of all the wants and needs of their premium customers which can range from booking tours and holiday packages to event planning and golf bookings! The kind of services that come with a Credit Card depends on the Bank that the Credit Card is issued by. Not all Credit Cards come with Concierge Services – only the really top-end, premium cards do.

Some of the perks that come with Concierge Services could include –

Business Services – The arranging of conferences and events and seminars, can all be done through concierge services.

Travel Services – They can help with tickets and hotel bookings, and even plan an itinerary for the entire trip.

Golfing Services – They can help you find the best greens and courses and help you get access there.

Recreational Services – They can get you front row tickets to anything from the fashion shows in Milan to exclusive concerts and private events.

Wine & Dine Services – Bookings at some of the finest tables in the world, is now possible through these concierge services.

Event Planning – Event planning and execution is now a breeze with the help of experts who can plan it all to the last detail.

They can help with flight bookings in an emergency and help during a medical crisis. They can help with travel plans and hotel stays. Concierge services are known for their ability to get things done and help you save time and energy. And if the dream is to dine at an exclusive restaurant in London or plan an extravagantly romantic holiday, then the concierge services can have it all arranged. Stories are told about a young lady who wanted to hug a Koala bear on her trip to Australia and the concierge services made that dream come true.

But it comes with a price tag – concierge services are offered by premium Credit Cards that are meant for very affluent clientele. They charge a much higher annual fee than other Credit Cards.

Citi Prestige Credit Card comes with concierge services that are truly top of the charts. You now have access to your own personal assistant who can help you with travel planning, shopping, restaurant reservations and even your everyday needs. From booking seats at the best tables in town, to arranging extravagant experiences anywhere in the world, the only limit is your imagination.

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