Here’s how you can shop more while you save more with your credit card

Reading about credit cards one morning, Vimal, a working professional overheard a folktale that his daughter was reading. The story went like this. A farmer in a village was blessed with a magic pot for his good deeds. Whenever he used money from that pot to buy something, a portion of the amount spent returned to the pot. Not only could he fulfil all his wishes, he never had to worry about his finances ever after.

Joining the dots, Vimal realized that this story could come true for him too. He knew of one such magic pot, which he had just read about. A rewards credit card. Though Vimal knew about credit cards, he didn’t know it could help him save while he spent. Reading more about a rewards credit card, he realized he could save money just by paying through one.

You too can save while you shop with a rewards credit card. Learn how.

What is a rewards credit card?
A Rewards Credit Card is a type of credit card that lets you earn while you spend. They work on a simple concept. As and when you use them for making payments, you receive rewards in the form of points, air miles or cashback. The reward depends on the card you choose and the minimum spending limit the card requires you to spend. Once you earn enough reward points, you can redeem them and enjoy benefits.

How to shop more to save more
While it is no rocket science that you can earn rewards through a rewards credit card, some tricks explained below can help you optimize its benefits.


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