Accumulating Rewards Points is only the first part of the process. To get the most out of your Rewards, you need to redeem them carefully and wisely.

When it comes to redeeming Rewards Points, it can be done in a number of ways, depending on the Bank that has issued the Credit Cards.

But first some basics –

What can you redeem Reward Points for?
There is a wide variety of Rewards, against which you can redeem your points. It varies from bank to bank but here are some of the rewards offered today –


Each bank has a catalogue of rewards they offer. They can include -


If you don’t find anything in the catalogue that you fancy, you could pick up a voucher that can be used in various participating online and brick and mortar stores. You’ll find a list in the catalogue.

Air and Room Miles

Rewards that are most attractive to a traveller are Air miles and Room Miles- Credit Cardholders can convert their Reward Points into Air Miles with partner hotels and airlines.

Ways of redeeming Points

There are many ways of redeeming your Rewards Points –

  • You can redeem them online. This could be through your online Bank account or on your Bank’s app if they have one. You need to log in with your User ID and Password to access your catalogue and redeem your points.
  • Some banks take this request over the phone. You can call the Customer Care at your Bank and redeem your points.
  • Some stores have a direct tie-up with the Bank and you can directly redeem the points for something you like in a store.
  • Did you know – a Citi Rewards Card lets you redeem rewards instantly via SMS? Like we said earlier, it is not enough to just accumulate your Rewards Points quickly. You need to redeem them prudently as well. You can apply for a Rewards Credit Card today to spend wisely and save better.

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