Just about everyone has a credit card to pay for purchases. But what about withdrawing cash from your credit card? Does everyone do it? Not really. Let’s take a good hard look at Credit Card Cash withdrawal – and understand the whole thing better.

Credit Cards are an easy way to pay for purchases. They are like mini credit facilities – where you can buy things that you pay for later. Several cards have cash components – which give instant liquid cash to card holders. It is an additional feature offered by banks on a credit card. But is it a good idea to withdraw cash on a Credit Card?

Credit Card cash withdrawals are easy. No fuss. And instant. You just go to an ATM and take the cash that you need, within the allocated limit. It doesn’t need any special approval from the bank or anything. And you pay it back along with the charges that come with cash withdrawals.

Credit and Cash limits on cards

Every card has a credit limit – that is the maximum amount that can be spent on that card. This has been set by the bank based on a person’s income, his credit worthiness and repayment capability. And there is a fixed cash limit on a card as well. This varies from card to card and from customer to customer. It can be changed at the discretion of the Bank at any time as well. A card holder cannot withdraw more than the specified limit. The credit and cash limits will be communicated to card holders when the card is being issued.

How to withdraw money from a credit card

You can withdraw money from a credit card in a few easy steps –

Cash Advance Fees

When a person draws cash on a Credit Card, it attracts a fee which is called the Credit Card Cash Advance Fee. This fee, which is a percentage of the amount withdrawn, will appear in the next billing statement, along with the entire amount withdrawn and interest levied on the withdrawn amount. Each time a person draws cash on a Credit Card, the fee will be charged – even if you draw cash multiple times on the same day.

Interest on Credit Card Cash Withdrawals

Cash advances on credit cards also attract interest, apart from the cash advance fees. The interest is a monthly percentage rate that is levied from the date of the transaction to the date the repayment is made in full. Most banks typically charge a rate of interest of 2.5% to 3.5% per month on all cash advances. This varies from bank to bank.

Over the Limit fees

It is important to know how much your cash limit is – and withdraw only within those limits. If you exceed the limit for some reason, an Over the Limit charge will be charged.

Some pointers –

Advantages of Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Disadvantages of Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

So while a credit card cash advance might look like a very convenient way to get cash, it is expensive and should only be used if there is no other way out.

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