Just about everyone spends money on fuel every month. Fuel spends are part of most people’s monthly budgeting – as vehicles need electricity or fossil fuels to run. And every month, everyone tries to do what they can to cut down on fuel costs – here’s where a Fuel Credit Card can come in handy.

What is a Fuel Credit Card?

A Fuel Credit Card is just like any other Credit Card but it offers fuel-related offers and fuel surcharge waivers. This will bring down your fuel costs and cut down your travel expenditure every month to a large extent.

What is Fuel Surcharge and how will a Fuel Credit Card help there?

Most Credit Cards charge you a certain amount for using it at fuel stations and petrol pumps. It is usually a percentage of the amount of money spent there. This is called a Fuel surcharge. Using a Fuel Credit Card does away with this surcharge. Which means you can use your Fuel Credit Card at gas stations and petrol pumps for free and you won’t be charged any extra amount.

Some Offers and Special Deals you Can Get On Your Fuel Credit Card

Different issuing banks offer different deals and special offers when you use a Fuel Credit Card. Some of these include –

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