Most Credit Cards give their users the gift of Reward Points. However, not all Cards do it the same way. The way in which points accumulate in a Cardholder’s account, differs from Card to Card. Once you earn a certain number of Reward Points, you can redeem them, treating yourself to goodies that range from cool gadgets to movie tickets!

So how do you accumulate Reward Points in the first place? Here are five easy ways to do that -

Welcome Rewards
Many Credit Card companies and Banks give their customers, a certain amount of points as a welcome gift. The actual number of Reward Points differs from bank to bank and card to card. Without doing anything at all - without making a single purchase on your Credit Card- you actually earn a big chunk of points.

Some Card companies and Banks give you a certain number of points if you use your card within three months of its issuance. Some card companies add a further condition that you need to spend a certain amount of money on the card before a certain time.

For example – Earn 1000 Rewards Points by spending Rs. 25,000 on your Card within 90 days of activation.

This is in addition to the reward points that you accumulate by spending on your card.

Partner Points
Sometimes Card companies tie up with various establishments – they could be restaurants or hotels or airlines or retail stores – and when you use your card in these places, you could get more points than you would earn if you had used it at a non-partner place. This again, comes at the discretion of the Card Company or bank. Therefore, you should make a quick rewards points harvest at this time.

Shopping Festivals and Offers
This could be a special time – maybe around New Year’s or Diwali – when, Card Companies and Banks offer their customers a little more incentive to shop, along with all the freebies and discounts that shops lavish on their shoppers. Read all the literature and find out what brings you the most rewards.

Big Shopping
Needless to say, the more you spend on your Card, the more Reward Points you earn. So it makes sense to put all your high-value purchases on your Card. Shopping for jewellery? Put it on your Card. Buying appliances for your home? Use your card. Some educational institutions have made payment of fees easy and hassle-free by taking it online. Make use of it. Pay your child’s fees online. It’s easy and convenient and you stand to earn a lot of Reward Points by doing that. So whenever there is a big-ticket item on your shopping list, just put it on the card.

Add-On Cards
Did you know that you can add a family member to your account and give him or her an Add on Card? Just be careful who you give one to. You don’t want to run into any kind of debt, at the end of the day. As the name suggests, the Add-On Card is linked to your parent card and when the Add-On card is used, rewards points are added to the parent account!
These are five easy ways you can earn reward points on your Credit Card. You can apply for rewards credit card to make every day rewarding for you. Carefully redeeming the points that you have earned is something that you need to do as well. Careful usage, wise spending and prudent redemption is what this is all about.

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