Up your game with a Citi Credit Card

Citi Credit Card for enriched experiences

Up your game with Citi credit cards

Mohit and Veena, working professionals in Delhi, prefer using credit cards as a payment method. It not only provides them with the convenience of usage but also earns them several rewards points that they can redeem for their everyday expenses.

Mohit likes to spend his weekends playing golf, while Veena is a shopaholic. Coincidently, the credit cards they have chosen for themselves allow them their luxury indulgences without hampering their finances.

If you too wish to indulge yourself and earn rewards while you're at it, Citi can help you do so with its extensive range of credit cards.

First Citizen Citi Credit card
If you love to shop at brands like Shoppers Stop, this Citi credit card is a great option for you. The First Citizen Citi Credit card is designed to provide you shopping benefits and lets you shop smartly with accelerated rewards and easy redemption. You get a chance to earn Shoppers Stop and Home Stop vouchers as welcome and first use benefits worth Rs. 2050 with the First Citizen Citi Credit card. You can also earn 7 First Citizen points at Shoppers Stop for private label brands and 5 First Citizen points at other brands when you spend Rs. 100 with this card.

Moreover, while you use the First Citizen Citi Credit card, you can save while you shop online. The rewards of First Citizen Citi Credit get added to your Shoppers Stop membership account and can be redeemed online at Shoppers Stop or your nearest store. You can also enjoy in-store exclusive previews, complimentary parking and exclusive counters for personalized attention.

Citi Rewards Credit Card
With a Citi Rewards Credit card, you can earn ten reward points every time you spend Rs. 125 at apparel and departmental stores. You also get a chance to earn up to 2500 bonus points when you shop within two months of card issuance.

Citi Prestige Credit card
With a world of unparalleled benefits, Citi Prestige Credit card helps you lead a life of enriched experiences. With this credit card, you receive privileged offers like three complimentary green fees across the world at select golf courses. Additionally, you receive 4 complimentary golf rounds and golf lessons at 15 selected golf clubs in the country, based on the spends on your Citi Prestige Credit card.

Choose a Citi credit card that aligns with your lifestyle and enjoy exclusive benefits. Click here to apply!

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