Fingerprint/Face Recognition

Easily access key features on the application using just your face or touch. Here’s a quick guide on how to login with your fingerprint or face and make the most of this feature

  1. Download or update your Citi Mobile App from App Store/Play Store (The app is currently available for download in the app store/play store of the following countries - India, US, UK, UAE, Australia & Singapore).
  2. Enable fingerprint recognition using on screen instructions. An OTP will be shared on confirmation to grant you biometric access on your Citi Mobile App.
  3. Access top features with your fingerprint or face, without the need to type in a password.
Check account balance & view summary
Make service requests
Transfer to added payees without additional authentication
Make deposits and investments
Pay bills and recharge
Automatically get logged out on fingerprint change

UPI with Citi

Whenever you have to transfer funds immediately, Citi Mobile offers BHIM UPI (Unified Payments Interface) - one of the quickest modes for online funds transfer to anyone with a domestic savings or current account. This service is available 24x7, including bank holidays.

Simply login to the Citi Mobile App using your Internet Banking PIN (IPIN), follow a 2-click process to create your very own Citi UPI ID, and start making payments without the need to register payees.

BHIM UPI on Citi Mobile enhances convenience and security with no need to remember or share account numbers for transferring funds. Just share you Citi UPI ID instead of your account number and start receiving funds into you Citibank account.

With Touch/Face ID, you can login biometrically and make payments to existing payees securely without even an IPIN authentication.

  • Success Create an @citi UPI ID of your choice
  • Success Send money to any UPI ID/Account Number and IFSC without payee registration
  • Success Request money from any UPI ID
  • Success Transfer up to INR 1 lakh per day
  • Success Enable Touch ID to do away with IPIN authentication

BHIM UPI works with your existing IPIN/biometric login on your Citi Mobile App, eliminating the need to remember multiple PINs. To set up BHIM UPI on the Citi Mobile App:

  1. Download the latest version of the Citi Mobile App from the App Store/Google Play
  2. Login in to the Citi Mobile App using your Citibank Online User ID and IPIN
  3. On your account summary screen, click on ‘Transfer Funds’ and select ‘Transact using BHIM UPI’ OR access BHIM UPI from the ‘Payments & Transfer’ Menu in the sidebar
  4. Select the Citibank Account you wish to enroll for BHIM UPI
  5. Choose a Citi Virtual ID of your choice (subject to availability) and you are ready to start using BHIM UPI on Citi Mobile!

Offers Microsite

On your Citi mobile app, you can view ‘Offers for you’ in the bottom-left corner, which is your gateway and one stop shop for all Citi Offers across categories. Choose these category specific offers based on your lifestyle needs and enjoy exclusive cashbacks and a superior customer experience. Citi offers a mobile first, intuitive and contemporary layout that lets you browse with ease and even apply for a Citi product of your choice.

  • Success Click on ‘Offers for You’ on your Citi mobile app
  • Success Access a range of the latest, most exciting offers
  • Success Enjoy offers across categories & card types
  • Success Locate the nearest shops using maps

Build your Wealth

Now boost your wealth with the revamped Citi Mobile app exclusively for Suvidha and Citibanking clients. Enjoy the freedom of investments at your fingertips with instant, paperless investments account opening. Be it investing in mutual funds or fixed deposits, applying for cards, insurance and loans or exploring exciting offers on your card, you can do it all on the Citi Mobile app.

You can also learn about investments or view product or process related FAQs on the app.

  • Success Customised landing page
  • Success Educational content and FAQs
  • Success Investment Services Account Opening
  • Success Option to apply for insurance, loans, pay bills and more

Download the Citi Mobile App today.

Download the Citi Mobile App today.