Enable your Citi Card for Online, Contactless and International Transactions

As per RBI circular dated January 15, 2020 on Enhancing Security of Card Transactions, Citi Credit and Debit Cards issued to customers including new, reissued, renewed or upgraded cards, will be enabled for Domestic ATM and Point of Sale (POS)/physical transactions only. The cards will be disabled for Online, Contactless and International, transactions to protect against fraud.

In addition, if customers have not used their existing card for online, contactless or international, transactions in the last 3 years (including cards issued or new accounts opened during this period), usage for these purposes will be mandatorily disabled. However, the limits can be setup and the usage can be enabled for any disabled transaction by simply logging into Citibank Online or Citi mobile App and navigating to “Manage Cards”. They can also set the daily usage limit for ATM, POS and Online transactions.

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To view step-by-step instructions on how to get started, generate credit/debit card passwords, login online and enable transactions:

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