Akansha, a 24 years old PR executive wanted to buy the latest mobile phone available in the market. However, her savings were inadequate for her to buy the phone she liked.

A notification from her phone’s e-commerce app gave her the idea of purchasing the phone online with easy EMIs. Though she had heard about EMIs, she didn’t know it could solve her money woes so easily. Festive discounts not only helped her buy a new phone on EMI but also earn cashback for her next purchase. It surely turned out to be an auspicious season for her.

As you have many expenses to bear during festivals, instant savings and sale offers in the market can help reduce your financial stress to a large extent. Be it an expensive watch or the latest phone as a gift, you can purchase anything through easy EMIs.

What, how and why of EMI
EMI or Equated Monthly Installments are monthly payments that you make towards your purchases at a fixed date of every calendar month. It works the same way a personal loan works. When you buy a product on EMI, you defer paying the total price of the product immediately and instead distribute it over a couple of months. Therefore, you can repay a loan or pay for your shopping through small monthly amounts without hampering your savings all at once.

You can easily buy products on EMI with a few clicks. To buy a product through EMI, select the product you want to purchase at the partner store. Enter your credit card details, and choose ‘convert to EMI’ option. Select your tenure and click Submit.
You can also choose to later convert purchases to EMI at the time of card bill payment when you receive your monthly statement and realise you have made some big-ticket purchases that you’d rather pay off in instalments.


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